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ChowTown, Indiana

Apr 26, 2010 by Hamilton County CVB

In Hamilton County, Indiana our quaint towns are filled with locally owned restaurants, tenderloins are cooked and served to perfection and farm markets sell fresh produce each summer weekend.  Since we are all about our 8 Great Towns, we decided to create a 9th"town" - ChowTown - to highlight the great Hamilton County, Indiana dining options.  Some of the fun features of ChowTown are the Tenderloin Trail (listed on the trail are 20 restaurants that offer the traditional Hoosier delight of the Tenderloin), Tenderloin Tuesday's, popular recipes of your favorite local dishes and a calendar of foodie events.  Check out for more info! Also - in honor of our new "town" we created this fun video, check it out and enjoy:


Stop it! You're making me hungry! I almost forgot that the farmers market season was upon us. One thing I don't understand, though: are the ChowTown restaurants listed on the site going to be present at the markets? If so, this would provide the extra incentive I need to get off my lazy tush and go.


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