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25 Years, So Many Memories at Klipsch Music Center

Oct 10, 2013 by Emma Diebold


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Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary season came to a close last Saturday night, and what a marvelous season it was! Each year, the outdoor amphitheater brings thousands of visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana to experience internationally known recording artists. And after 25 years of doing just that, this season was certainly one of the best yet! KMC 25 year logo

Fellow blogger Carrie brought us some great memories and facts about the venue in her Twenty-Five Years of History post. I myself remember the days of Klipsch Music Center being called Deer Creek, but had no idea that Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett held their wedding reception at the venue in 1993! I did however have my first concert experience at the venue. Yes, it was the Backstreet Boys. No, I am not ashamed to admit it!

I was fortunate enough to also be able to read the memories of many others during the Klipsch Postcard contest that the Hamilton County CVB held this summer. Participants were encouraged to build a custom postcard with an image of the venue and include their favorite memory of attending a show there. (You can still build one with even more options here.)  Winners were treated to a VIP experience at one of the popular Dave Matthews shows!

Here are some of my favorite entries from the postcard contest:
I live near the theatre and when they first opened a few neighbors were upset. To be a 'good neighbor', Deer Some winners enjoying the DMB show!Creek would put free tix in our mailbox the afternoon of the show (if it hadn't sold out). My favorite was Diana Ross-she kept changing outfits and it reminded me of a Barbie doll. THANKS for the memories! -Deb

My favorite Deer Creek/Verizon/Klipsch memory is from a couple of years ago when I saw Eric Clapton. There was a storm rolling in for most of the show and it was almost like his guitar playing was choreographed with the thunder and lightning surrounding us. Absolutely amazing. The skies opened up great big fat drops of rain on our way out to the car, but it was so warm it didn't matter. -Haley

My favorite concert memory dates back to Deer Creek days when I was in college and my boyfriend Dan and I traveled from Terre Haute to Noblesville in my Chevy Chevette to see Elton John in concert. Unfortunately, my Chevette broke down on I-69 and we were sure we'd miss the show. Instead, some kind-hearted, fellow concert goers picked us up and got us to the show on time. They even had connections that allowed us to access the Green Room so we could chill out before the opening act. Thanks to AAA, my car was towed and all was handled AFTER a great show! -SharonTom Petty blog pic

While jealous that I couldn't win, I was able to attend a show during Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary this year. I grabbed a blanket, my Indiana boy, and set out for a great night on the lawn at the Tom Petty show. It was the perfect summer night and Petty rocked! He did play the famed "Last Night with Mary Jane" and not one person in the audience missed singing along to the lines referencing Indiana.

Blogger Carrie was also able to make it to a show this summer. She took the tailgating approach when attending the Zac Brown Band show and enjoyed time with friends prior to the concert. You can read about her whole experience in her post. 

Were you able to make it to a concert during Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary? Share your stories and memories with us!



Jump Right In

Jun 18, 2013 by Carrie Lambert

When you put together great food, great friends and great music, you get an unforgettable night. And that is exactly what we did the other weekend at Klipsch Music Center.

ZBB Tailgate Let me back up a few years ... if you are a country fan in the least you will remember when the song "Chicken Fried" hit the radio. It was an instant hit and made the Zac Brown Band celebrities over night. I loved that song and my husband, a huge fan of country music, loved the band and quickly bought their first album and listened to it non-stop. Since then, we have never missed an opportunity to see them in concert. When we heard their "Jump Right In" tour was coming to Hamilton County my husband organized all our friends, bought tickets and put it in our schedule. 

As the date grew closer we knew we didn't just want to go to the concert, we wanted it to be an experience. Being an outdoor concert venue, Klipsch is the perfect place to plan for just that. So we bought the VIP parking pass and it was well worth it. For $25 you get a prime parking spot - but the real incentive is you are able to leave quicker than most of the other 24,000 fans because of the VIP exit!

ZBB CarrieWe loaded up our cars and headed to Klipsch right at 4pm - the time the VIP parking lot opens. We came loaded down with chairs, tents and of course wonderful food!

We spent the next three plus hours hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Before we knew it, it was time to head inside for the main event. If you have the chance, splurge to enter through the VIP lounge. There are separate bathrooms, separate vendors and a covered tent to enjoy before, during and after the show.

We were off to find our seats. We ZBB Carrie and Ashleyhave attended several shows at Klipsch in the past and have really been pleased with the lawn section. But since this was our third time to see them live, we decided to enjoy the luxury of sitting under the pavilion.

The Zac Brown Band to me showcases some of the best musician mastery there is ... and I'm not even a harsh judge of music. One of their band members, Clay Cook, jumps from instrument to instrument and is amazing. Unfortunately he didn't sing my favorite song ("Black Bird"), but that was forgotten when they did play my all-time favorite "Devil Went Down to Georgia." Unreal. Lawn at ZBB

As my husband said, we have never been disappointed by a show and there is always something that surprises us. This time, it was the cover of a Metallica song. Not to mention the other bands they covered: Dave Matthews Band, the Eagles and David Gray. Who has this kind of talent?? 

The music went solid for over two hours and by the time we left I think both of us were a bit hoarse and definitely worn out from standing, cheering and singing along!

It was a great night to be outside, enjoy the company of friends and hear a phenomenal concert. Don't worry if you aren't a country fan, there are a variety of other concerts coming up so do yourself a favor and check out who is playing the rest of this summer. You'll be glad you did.

Zac Brown Band at KMC


Summer Concerts in Hamilton County

Jun 12, 2013 by Clair Kassebaum

This summer, Hamilton County is overflowing with music almost every night of the week! Free concerts in the parks provide a host of opportunities bringing communities and visitors together to enjoy local and traveling bands for evenings of bluegrass, jazz, classical, and popular tunes. There are more than enough options for everyone in your family to enjoy themselves under the warm summer sky. Located in different areas of the county, these concerts also provide the perfect chance to check out the wide selection of cuisine local foodies crave.

Start out the week in Fishers, visiting the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. Every Tuesday at 7, bring a picnic and listen to styles including country, pop, and even an island-inspired tribute band. Consider stopping by Alexander's or Handel's for ice cream after the show.

summer-concert-series-gazebo-carmel-indiana-540Wind down on Wednesdays at 7:30 at the Carmel Gazebo with local music in a variety of genres. Pick up some delectable cheeses at the Vine and Table before heading over to the concert. 

Get an early start to the weekend by bringing the family on Thursdays at 7 to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Dillon Park in Noblesville. Local bluegrass, jazz, and cover bands provide the entertainment. Make it a whole night of savoring all the community has to offer by making reservations at The Local Eatery beforehand for some delicious dishes made from food grown by local farmers. If you'd rather, Clay Terrace also offers a free local concert on Thursday nights. 

On Fridays, enjoy music on the cheap at the Cool Creek Park and Nature Center symphony on the prairieoutside with your neighbors and friends! From 7-10, you can celebrate summer and your community with the whole family in one of Hamilton County's most popular parks for $5 for adults, and free for kids 12 and under. 

For a mix of art and music, come by the Jazz on the Monon series. There is a free jazz concert every Saturday in the heart of the Carmel Arts and Design District. Bring your lawn chairs, and check out local eats. Try the famous Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream for fresh, delicious burgers and shakes before the show begins! 

What's a week of music without the symphony playing into the night air? Conner Prairie hosts the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for Symphony on the Prairie every Friday and Saturday night beginning June 21st at 8:00. The orchestra breaks from normal routine to please the crowds with themes such as movie soundtracks, Broadway favorites, the Beatles, and rock and roll classics. Nothing says summer like lawn chairs and blankets spread out over the lawn and families enjoying a picnic to the sounds of a nationally renowned orchestra. This event costs money, but try to sneak it into your budget for a quintessential summer experience. Make a whole day of it and explore the rest of the grounds of Conner Prairie before the concert! 

Klipsch from FBIf you can't get enough of the music scene around here and want to see some of your favorite bands on tour, pick up some tickets for a show at Klipsch Music Center. Klipsch is the premier music venue in Hamilton County, with shows all year round. This summer, enjoy performances from artists such as Tim McGraw, Dave Matthews Band, Rascal Flatts, and John Mayer.  

With all the free options and various styles of music offered, there is no excuse for not checking out the concert scene in Hamilton County this summer!  For a complete listing of shows, check the visitors bureau's calendar of events

Excited for AACTFest

Jun 11, 2013 by Shanna Mooney

AACTfest logoWhether you're a thespian, theatre geek or just have a general appreciation for the arts, you certainly must be aware that you aren't alone in Hamilton County. And come June 17-23, you will be in fine company as the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) arrives with a fabulous flourish to the Center for the Performing Arts for the AACTFest 2013 National Festival.

The AACT links more than 7,000 theaters across the country, and the festival is expected to bring more than 400 people representing those theaters to Carmel for a week dedicated to their art. And that is what they are: dedicated. Everyone likes to compare how busy they are, but try adding rehearsals and performances into your schedule like these people do! AACT members are people who have, for whatever reason, chosen to not make theatre their living, but an all-consuming hobby of sorts that feeds on others' hobbies of viewing theatre. What a wonderful relationship! AACTfest theater pic

The festival is a chance for these artsy, dramatic folks to get together and socialize with, learn from and perform for each other. Certainly attendees will gather for workshops, meetings, and the like, but the awesome part surely will be the performances. Which, according to June Clair, who co-chairs the event with her husband John, will be judged and open to the public. Holla! The public can see the schedule and can order tickets by going to the Center for the Performing Arts website.

"It is exciting in that these 12 theater companies that will be performing have won both state and regional competitions in order to get to the national event," June says. "Also, there are very stringent rules for the performances - the shows cannot be more than an hour in length, so they don't do the whole show - it's more of a cutting of the show. If the group goes over, they are docked points. Each show is judged, and at the end of the event, there is an awards ceremony with 16 awards given out. It's the community theater equivalent of the Oscars." AACTfest backstage in VA

While I certainly plan on attending a performance or two, I think it will be fun to just hang out in downtown Carmel carrying a Remains of the Day lunchbox and wearing a Corky St. Clair name tag and absorbing the scene.
Oh, and in case you missed the references above, do yourself a favor and watch Waiting for Guffman, a loving and hilarious parody of community theatre that June identifies with on, um, some level. "There is truth in it," she says, "Because that company of actors is quite familiar with the world of theater. One could say there's always a lot of drama behind the drama."

Indeed! And I can't wait to witness it!

The Tarkington w/ logo

Twenty Five Years of History

Apr 23, 2013 by Carrie Lambert

KMC 25 year logoKlipsch Music Center is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year. Looking at the landscape today, it is hard to believe that in 1989 what was then known as Deer Creek Music Center stood in the middle of cornfields with very few homes around. In fact, that is still how I picture it. But today, located off of exit 210 on I69, Klipsch Music Center is virtually in the middle of urban sprawl. Homes are located on every side and Hamilton Town Center, with its 85 shops and restaurants, is just a mile away (which means it makes for a perfect stop before a show!).

I've attended my fair share of shows over the course of the last few years. Toby Keith was one of my favorites and I'm already looking forward to The Zac Brown Band this summer. But what I've never thought about, and what I've found interesting to find out, is how much of a community-minded landmark Klipsch Music Center is. What you might not realize is how many church events, graduations, Boy Scout activities and soccer games have been held on the grounds. Klipsch even has the opportunity for organizations to work concessions to earn money for their cause. And let's not forget the local workers who help make each concert possible - EMTs, security, ticket sales, concession workers and the list goes on.

It's true that Hamilton County wouldn't be the same without Klipsch. Outside of all the support it has given to the community, the best thing they are known for is the music. Countless acts have performed at Klipsch from Dave Matthews Band to Aerosmith to Kenny Chesney and the names keep coming. KMC

But you may not know some of these facts:
• It takes a team of over 500 to put on a show.
• Since 1989, there have been three different names for the Venue: Deer Creek Music Center (1989-2001), Verizon Wireless Music Center (2001-2011) and now Klipsch Music Center.
• In 2000, there was a renovation and seating went from 20,000 to 24,000.
• Some of the MANY acts that have sold out the venue include: Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, Phish, Pearl Jam, Metallica, KISS, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Guns N Roses, John Mellencamp, Bon Jovi and Kenny Chesney.
Jimmy Buffet has performed the most times.
• Some of the acts in the opening year included Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Dick Clark's 35th Anniversary Special and Ozzy Osbourne.
• My personal favorite fact: Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett held their wedding reception at the venue in 1993.
• Katy Perry was once an opening act.
• And regularly, Klipsch Music Center is ranked in the top five amphitheaters in the world!

Whether you all it Deer Creek, Verizon or Klipsch, one truth remains ... there is a lot of history at this venue and much more to come in the next 25 years! Happy Anniversary Klipsch Music Center!

The Date Night Redefined

Apr 09, 2013 by Caroline Mosey

Stuck in the "dinner and a movie" rut when it comes to plans for an evening out? Shake up your routine and come experience the thrill of the theater! You don't have to make a trip to Broadway to find impressive talent-Hamilton County, Indiana is filled with venues to take in a memorable live performance. Matteo's

Where to start? Noblesville's Belfry Theatre is a great candidate, putting on six productions a year that run the gamut from comedies to dramas to musicals. Seating is cozy and intimate, giving audience members an up-close view of the action and a true feel for what community theater is all about.

From April 5-21, you can catch a live performance of the beloved classic Little Shop of Horrors, a quirky and fun story about a blood-hungry plant called Audrey II that brings fame and fortune to an unsuspecting florist's assistant. With each scene a new and delightful twist unfolds-if you're a fan of romance, revenge, and humor, you're sure to get your fill. The superb cast of this 1960's era production brings the story to life through laughter, songs, and a wickedly surprising ending for the audience. (Curious? Go see for yourself!) Be sure to arrive early enough to snag a front-row seat and bring cash for an assortment of $1 refreshments at intermission.
And Belfry Theatre fans, go ahead and mark your calendars for June 7, when the next production, The Spitfire Grill, begins its run.

The Belfry TheatreHungry for more? The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel has (home of Booth Tarkington Civic Theater and Actors Theatre of Indiana) a busy month in store. At the Palladium, find your groove listening to Doc Severinsen's world-class jazz trumpet, be enchanted by the magical notes of Beethoven's Ninth, tap your foot to the music of Chick Corea and (fellow Hoosier) Gary Burton, or hear Michael McDonald belt out his Grammy-winning hits. There's even a FREE performance of Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem on April 19-don't miss this opportunity! At the Tarkington, April 26 kicks off a production of Into the Woods, a tale of a couple attempting to break a spell cast over them.

Head to Westfield for even more local talent. The Westfield Playhouse presents The Dealer Smiles beginning April 12, a lighthearted production about a middle-aged man who confronts issues of faith, God, and yes, even chocolate!  Also check out the Carmel Community Playhouse for another dose of excellent community theater.

Whatever your theater persuasion, Hamilton County, Indiana has more than enough to satisfy your inner thespian. Make plans to visit one of our outstanding performance arts venues today!

8 Great Things to do the First Weekend of April

Apr 04, 2013 by Hamilton County CVB

Dance the night away or watch ballet dancers dance instead, golf at Prairie View or stroll through time at Conner Prairie, tap your foot to live music or put your bike tires to the pavement on the Monon Trail. Do all of this and more this weekend right here in Hamilton County! Read on for weekend warrior ideas or browse our online calendar for even more fun. NPA open house

1. Plan to go for a night out on the town tonight for date night or with a group of friends! Stop at Mo's a Place for Steaks for dinner and to take advantage of their Thursday $5 Martini Night. Then head to Detour for more drink specials and Dance Night where DJ Lockstar will be playing dance hits. 

2. First Friday Open House at Nickel Plate Arts will be from 5-8 p.m. this Friday. This month's installment will feature screenings of Hoosier Hot Shot films and Bob Foster will be performing and sharing items from his Hoosier Hot Shot collection as well. The Hoosier Hot Shots are a group of comedians who were in films in the 30's and they grew up right here in Hamilton County! Also be sure to check out RC Metalworks just a block away from the arts campus. There you'll get a sneak peek of a metal archway by local artist Bonnie Ramirez that will be installed at the Nickel Plate Arts campus soon. 

3. Enjoy a performing arts show (or two!). The Gregory Hancock Dance Theater is presenting Under the Big Top. This full-length ballet features everything you love about the circus: the colors, the performers, the music, the spectacle, and even the side-show! Also opening this weekend is the Little Shop of Horrors at the Belfry Theater. This wacky and beloved show includes the famed character, Audrey II who is a giant carnivorous plant!

4. Head to Arcadia for an evening of live local music on Saturday. The Whipstitch Sallies will be performing the Hedgehog Dancing 2Hedgehog Music Showcase. The group is an all-female, all-singing, all-playing string band that is sure to delight the audience!  

5. This weekend is bringing some nice spring weather, which means nearly all of Hamilton County's beautiful golf courses will be open for business! Browse the extensive list of courses on the Indiana Premier Golf page or if you're planning on staying for a few days, build your own Stay & Play package for a great deal.

6. Speaking of the outdoors, activities at Conner Prairie are picking up now that their outdoor areas are open for the season! They are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through April 7 to accommodate spring breakers and staycation-ers. This weekend is also the debut of their April theme, Threads Through Time and the BANG! program where you can learn to fire a Civil War musket. Also, don't miss the beautiful new Nature Walk!

7. Hit the bike trails this weekend for some outside fun. If you're visiting and don't have a bike, don't worry. Just stop by Carmel Cyclery Bicycle Shop and rent one that's right for you, then hit the trails! The Monon Trail is conveniently located right by the shop, or explore the other trails throughout Hamilton County.  

8. Planning a wedding? Head to the bridal show at EventzPlus this Saturday from 12-4 p.m. Be sure to visit our booth to enter to win giveaways like certificates for a free day of parking at the Indianapolis Airport, Heavenly Sweets, Seven Sisters Florist, Zach Dobson Photography and more! (Click here for a coupon that will give you two free admissions to the show.) 

8 Great Things to do the 3rd Weekend of March

Mar 13, 2013 by Hamilton County CVB

Spring is trying its best to beat the last of winter here in Hamilton County! This means time it's time to begin exploring the outdoors, celebrate St. Patrick's Day, enjoy fun music, try new dishes, and more. Best of all? You can experience all of these things here in Hamilton County this coming weekend! Read on for great ideas and check out our online calendar for even more weekend fun.

1. "Beware the Ides of March," rather than stay in Rajatonand worry, attend the Ides of March Improvised Shakespeare Workshop at the Nickel Plate Arts. Join seasoned improvisers from Comedy Sportz who will help participants craft improvised Shakespearian scenes. Everyone will have a role to play in this fun & silly tribute to the Bard!

2. Take time to explore all of the treasures at the Springtime in Indiana: Art, Craft & Gift Showcase this weekend. Head to the 4-H Fairgrounds in Noblesville that will be filled with art, crafts, repurposed items, antiques and more.

3. Head to Detour An American Grille this Saturday for a St. Patrick's Day celebration! They will be hosting a St. Patty's Party complete with green beer. The Carson Bros. Band will also be performing live.

4. Love ABBA? Don't miss The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra presents: The Music of ABBA starting Rajaton! Rajaton is an a cappella group that will join the ISO to perform ABBA's chart-topping hits like "Dancing Queen." Hurry and grab tickets before they're gone and refer to #6 to see how to get tickets at a great price!  Enjoy a Guinness at Dooley O'Toole's!

5. Do not miss the celebration of St. Patrick's Day at locally owned restaurant Dooley O'Toole's! They will have special hours March 16 & 17 from 11am- 9:30pm and will be serving up awesome food and drinks. Some of the specials include traditional corned beef and cabbage and of course drink specials include green beer. There will also be specials on traditional Irish libations like Guinness and Jameson!

6. Take advantage of the great deals during Northiside Nights Restaurant Week. Not only are there 3 course menus available at great restaurants like Harry & Izzy's, Shiraz, Sahm's and more, but there are other great deals too! Discounted tickets for Leipzig Quartet on March 15, Music of ABBA presented by the ISO on March 17, and Barbara Cook & Michael Feinstein on March 23 are all available. What a great way to make an evening out even more special!

7. Fancy a spot of tea? Make reservations for this Saturday's Mad Hatter Tea at the R.L. Wilson House in Noblesville. Enjoy a 5-course tea and unbirthday celebration in the presence of the Mad Hatter himself who will provide entertainment. Finish the tea on a sweet note with a treat from Heavenly Sweets.

8. The first day of spring is fast approaching! Be ready to greet warmer weather in Hamilton County and get reacquainted with the great outdoors. Browse our Nature & Outdoor page that's filled with outdoor activity ideas, parks to visit, trails to explore and more. For golfers, our Indiana Premier Golf page is the place to find pristine courses and build a stay & play package just in time for spring!










LIVE on Air with WDWS and WHMS in Champaign

Feb 26, 2013 by Hamilton County CVB


The Palladium

 Champaign, Illinois radio stations WDWS News Talk 1400 and WHMS 97.5 recently interivewed John Hughey, with The Center for the Performing Arts, and Jo Ann Klooz with the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. It was a great chance to talk about the great things to do in Hamilton County to relieve cabin fever!  Take a listen by clicking on the links below:

City Center Shoppers

Interview on WHMS


Interview on WDWS




Dinner and a Show

Feb 12, 2013 by Jo Ann Klooz

Our staff member Jo Ann enjoyed an impromptu dinner and show date night last Friday, here's a little about her fun experience:

Portobello App MangiaMy Valentine surprised me with an early celebration. ‘Dinner and a show' became really special in Carmel. It was our first visit to Mangia's in the Carmel City Center and we were wowed with a appetizer, brandied scallops and wild mushroom ravioli. The scallops were buttery; melt in your mouth goodness. The ravioli was delicious too!

After dinner it was off to the Studio Theater at The Center for the Performing Arts to see The Actors Theater of Indiana's performance of The Musical of Musicals.
It's a parody of musical theatre genres with the same story, "You Must Pay The Rent" told in the styles of Rodgers and Musical of MusicalsHammerstein (Oklahoma, South Pacific), Stephen Sondheim (Company, Sweeney Todd), Jerry Herman (Hello Dolly, Mame), Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera, Evita), & Kander and Ebb (Chicago, Cabaret). June's character (for the Rodgers and Hammerstein scene) becomes Junita in the Andrew Lloyd Webber scene and it gets funnier as each scene unfolds. If you are a fan of musicals, have ever participated in community theater or been dragged to a performance, you will find this laugh out loud funny. This ensemble delivers a hilarious evening of entertainment with strong vocals and acting along with lightening quick costume changes and the barest of props to take the audience from one musical style to the next. The Musical of Musicals runs Thursdays through Sunday (matinee) until the end of February.



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