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Stats Squad

Hamilton County Tourism has established a pilot year-around seasonal visitor profile capture program in Hamilton County. The program will elevate the accuracy of visitor information collection through training of own data collectors, increase volume of data capture, and establish widespread and targeted data collection locations and monitoring of data quality. This two-layer data process enables a second deeper dive into visitor profile collection via email, for those willing to participate. Enough data will be collected to carve out specific information on hotel market segmentation by season, arts/culture usage by residents and visitors, sports visitor profile data and spend, business visitor perceptions, and frequency and group visitor participation.

Tablet device short-form surveys will be collected at rotating locations using a pool of trained contract-paid quality high school and college students. A street team known informally as the Hamilton County Tourism Stats Squad wears fun gear, is very approachable, moves in "teams" so as to be visible, and carries incentive gifts in messenger bags. Wireless real-time data downloads to a SMARInsights data account for quality monitoring and data management. Monthly aggregation of data and annual segregation of specific focused data, or as volume merits, is interpreted by HCT's data manager and reviewed by SMARInsight's team. Monthly follow-up longer-form surveys will be sent and incentivized by giving away $150 gas cards. Annual visitor profiles by market segmentation or other identified niches will be gained. If volume merits, data by specific location will be shared annually. Reporting will be done year-around and seasonally. 

Desired Locations
The Stats Squad team will collect surveys via hotel lobbies, attractions, downtowns, sport venues, and special events and festivals.


Katie-Stats Squad

Katie Ruvalcaba
Visitor Profile Study Team Captain



Contact Brenda Myers,
Hamilton County Tourism President/CEO


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