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Sports Development Grant Program


The Sports Development Grant Program is available for non-profit organizations that support and conduct athletic events consisting of games, exhibitions, tournaments, and other sports-related events, planned, presented, promoted and played in Hamilton County, Indiana. It is designed to help support and enhance organizations in attracting sports opportunities that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Generate overnight hotel visitation from out-of-area participants & spectators
  2. Generate regional and/or national media exposure for Hamilton County
  3. Increase out-of-area visitor spending


The goal of the grant program is to attract high quality amateur sporting events, conferences and meetings that, in turn, advance and promote year-round tourism, economic impact and quality of life in Hamilton County through sport.


A. Applications must be typed. Application must be completed using the style of form provided. Applications that are not submitted on the attached forms will be returned and not considered. Additional information that is required or requested may be attached to the application.

B. Grants will be made two times per year. Electronic application and supporting materials must be submitted to the Hamilton County Sports Authority by one of the following dates:

March 20th     August 21st

C. The HCSA Grant Review Committee will review and determine potential funding status of an event. Approved applications will receive an Event Contract, Post Event Report form, HCSA logos and Sample Out-of-Area Participant Survey to complete as part of the grant requirements.

D. Amount of funding available will be determined by the grant review committee and is available only once per calendar year to any given organization.

E. Thirty (30) days prior to the event, the organization must provide proof of insurance, which lists Hamilton County Sports Authority as additional insured, with minimum liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

F. Within 60 days after completion of the event, the organization must forward the Post Event Report that includes complete and accurate accounting of the event's financial activity and copies of the event Registration Forms. After review of the Post Event Report, the funds will be forwarded to the organization.



1) Promotion, Marketing, and Programming

2) Paid advertising and media buys outside of Central Indiana or that has reach outside of Central Indiana

3) Production and technical expense

4) Site fees/costs

5) Rights fees and Sanction fees

6) Travel for special officials or performers as approved by the HCSA Sports Marketing Grant Review Committee

7) On-site hospitality (not including alcohol)

Note: The categories for reimbursement will be listed in your agreement. Once a category has been approved, it cannot be changed. Only those categories listed will be reimbursed. If you are in doubt, it is strongly encouraged you check before submitting your grant.


1) General operating or administrative expenses

2) Building, renovating, and/or remodeling a facility

3) Purchase of permanent equipment

4) Debts occurred prior to the grant

5) Printed program which solicits advertising

6) Off-site hospitality or social functions which include alcohol

7) Expenses of Hamilton County team or organization traveling outside of the area to compete


A. Include the Hamilton County Sports Authority logo on all printed materials and in all paid press and electronic broadcasts as well as website link to HCSA site pertaining to the event (a copy of the HCSA logo will be e-mailed to you if possible).

B. Permitting the HCSA to hang signage at the event and be given sponsorship benefits as per the value of the grant (or televised commercials/mentions where necessary) if appropriate.

C. Grant recipient must work with the HCSA to secure all room blocks. The event must maximize the usage of all Hamilton County hotel properties before the need to go outside county lines becomes necessary.

D. Guarantee a complete and accurate accounting of the event's financial activity to HCSA.

E. Provide documentation of the direct impact of the event on Hamilton County Tourism. All events receiving funds from the HCSA Sports Development Grant fund will be selected to participate in an economic impact study.

F. Agree to notify the HCSA immediately if the event is canceled, rescheduled or downsized.

G. Hold harmless the Hamilton County Sports Authority from all claims, liabilities, causes of action and judgments arising out of the event.

H. The HCSA reserves the right for additional sponsorship considerations as mutually agreed upon. For example: additional VIP passes for additional representatives as necessary.



Emily Mudd
Hamilton County Sports Authority
37 E. Main Street
Carmel, IN  46032


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Sports Indiana Grant Program

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