Lisa's Pie Shop (Atlanta, Ind.)
Lisa Sparks opened Lisa's Pie Shop in 2002 in "the middle of nowhere" after quitting her job at the Paint and Assembly Corporation factory. Today, she has multiple award-winning pies among the 23 daily varieties. That's right, 23 different pies available every day - and all of them are still made by hand.

Homestead Growers/Local Folk Foods (Sheridan, Ind.)
Steve and Anita Spencer are the fifth generation of the family-owned and operated Homestead Growers farm, which began in 1886 as the Kercheval Homestead Farm. Today, along with brother Jeff and their children, they sell a wide range of seasonal produce through their own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Cooperative. Even though shares in the Co-op sell out each year, the Spencers had extra produce at the end of each season. With a motto of "no wasted food," they started the Local Folk Foods label in 2006 and now sell sauces, ravioli, mushroom burgers, and other products as well.

Uncle Henry's Candies (Cicero, Ind.)
Owner Carl Harvey remembers his childhood anticipation for Uncle Henry's candies. Every fall, after harvest, Carl and his neighborhood friends and family would eagerly await the call that the candy was ready. After Uncle Henry grew ill and was no longer able to make candy, Carl learned the candy maker's recipes in order to carry on the tradition, offering fresh turtle candies, milk chocolate bar with pecans, pecan logs and white chocolate bar with peppermint among other varieties.

Joe's Butcher Shop & Fish Market (Carmel, Ind.)
After Joe Lazzara spent 20+ years in the telecommunications business, he decided to reinvent the meat counter from shrink-wrapped and case-stocked meats. Together with his wife Kathy and veteran butcher, Fritz Albright, Joe runs a full-service shop that specializes in fresh-cut, and often free-range, meat and responsibly caught fresh fish and seafood. Joe also offers a pre-breaded Northern Indiana pork tenderloin and organic beef jerky - the first in the nation.

Crazy Charlie's Gourmet Salsa (Fishers, Ind.)
The "Charlie" of Crazy Charlie's is Charlie Ferguson, who began growing peppers and tomatoes in his garden in the late 90s after retiring. Early on, he and his wife Glenda grew just enough to can 80 to 100 quarts of salsa annually, which they gave away to friends and family. Today, Crazy Charlie's uses Indiana tomatoes, fresh cilantro, garlic and lime juice along with a five-pepper blend to make their low-sodium, garden-fresh salsa in mild, medium and hot. The rest of the recipe is a secret. Charlie isn't that crazy.