Noblesville-Nickel Plate Arts Weekend features events across Hamilton County from an art train ride, to participatory art, pancake breakfast, jazz concert, brand new microbrew beer and an outdoor yarn bomb.

The weekend celebrates the community of Hamilton County artists that have come together under the ‘umbrella' of Nickel Plate Arts. 16 artist-painted umbrellas will be stationed across the county, as colorful symbols of Nickel Plate's purpose, and staffed with volunteers to guide people to the events taking place throughout the weekend.

Highlights include primer-coated pianos that will be painted by Plein Air artists and available for the public to play. Friday and Saturday an artist will ‘yarn bomb' 4 bicycle racks and a tree trunk on Noblesville Square. This three dimensional art is done with various colors and textures of yarn used to create a unique expression while the public watches.

The Art Train runs on Saturday June 2, departing from Bolden's Cleaning and Restoration Services in downtown Noblesville.  It will stop in Cicero, Arcadia and Tipton, and return to Noblesville.  It will stop twice in Cicero, allowing the choice of a 2 or 4 hours stay. Tickets are available at The Indiana Transportation Museum web site, or under the artist painted umbrella at Bolden's.  

On Friday and Saturday the Plein Air Paint Out will send artists across Hamilton County to paint their favorite outdoor scenes as part of an art competition that ends with the sale of the art in the Noblesville Old Courthouse Saturday evening from 7-9:30 p.m.

Noblesville's Barley Island Brewing Company debuts Nickel Plate Arts Wheat, a microbrew that will be sold in commemorative glasses.

Nickel Plate Arts is an umbrella organization that creates and coordinates arts and cultural experiences across Hamilton County communities to improve the quality of life for residents, strengthen local economies and enrich experiences for visitors.

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