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Palladium Night

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John Thomas
John Thomas

John Thomas is an award winning journalist who attended Indiana University and worked in Washington DC before moving back to his home state of Indiana.  He has written for publications such as the Indianapolis Monthly and the Indianapolis Business Journal.  John is also an avid cyclist. 

How to Experience the Monon Trail This Fall

With leaves changing from green to a broad spectrum of autumn hues, Indiana enters what many believe to be its most beautiful time of year. And while some leaf peepers plan long car rides to catch a glimpse of the changing seasons, Hamilton County, Indiana residents and visitors enjoy fall colors up close and at a slower pace by pedaling, jogging and strolling on the Monon Trail…

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Explore These Hamilton County Nature Preserves

The ground under your feet is a little mucky … but in that great, springtime way. All around you, trees and bushes and grasses are taking on a slightly green hue, almost an aura, as the natural world pushes to leave winter behind and start on something new. Overhead, a diverse collection of birds wing their way northward, settling in for a rest every now and then before continuing their trips to summer homes. Walk along the forest edge and, in the open spaces to your left, wildflowers are beginning to bloom, bringing bright colors to the landscape; to your right, you peek into the woods to see flashes of feathered grace moving from branch to branch, flashing vivid yellows, bright blues and other colors that have been missing from the landscape for months. You follow a path into the woods, wind around a few ancient tree trunks and find yourself at water’s edge, where sparkling ripples betray the scurrying departure of ducklings in quick pursuit of their cautious mother. And you’re doing all of this just a stone’s throw from some of the busiest thoroughfares in Hamilton County…

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Chef Justin Miller Invites You to Slow Down at Anthony's Chophouse and 3UP

After all, if you hurry, you might miss out on a big part of what’s being cooked up at Anthony’s Chophouse in downtown Carmel.     So … slow … down. Take your time. Really see the exquisite woven-wood planking on the ceiling of this massive-but-intimate space, the earth-tone brick accent walls and other design features. Listen to the symphonic clang and sizzle emanating from the kitchen. Breathe in the aromas of spices and sauces, and feel the high-count luxury of the linen tablecloths and the cool weight of fine cutlery. And – most of all – truly taste the mix of old meets new, east meets west and trendy meets traditional Chef Justin Miller has designed for your meal. It all matters to Justin. His title might be “chef,” but he’s not focused only on food. He wants you to enjoy every aspect of your time at his year-old fine-dining eatery at the corner of Main Street and the Monon Greenway. And you can’t do that if you’re in a rush…

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Carmel Christkindlmarkt Brings Old World Authenticity to Carmel

If you’re looking for evidence of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt’s authenticity, look no further than the little hut that houses the workshop of Christian Werner. It’s not just that Werner looks every bit the part of a German craftsman, with his colorful felt cap flopping over his shoulder, his starched white shirt buttoned to his chin and his eyes dancing impishly behind round wire-rim spectacles. And it’s not just that the wooden figures he creates by sending ribbons of wood flying from his lathe are identical to the ones Erzgebirge artisans have rendered for centuries. No, Werner’s authenticity comes from, well, his authenticity. Discovered by Christkindlmarkt CEO and Market Manager Maria Murphy when she was on a scouting trip to Germany in 2017, Werner brings his artistry to Carmel direct from his hometown of Seiffen, a tiny Saxony village famous for its wooden toys. This marks the third year that he has crated up his handmade lathe and tools and shipped them to Carmel so he can share his genuine Old World Christmas tradition with Carmel Christkindlmarkt guests…

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Adventure, Nature and History Meet at Strawtown Koteewi Park

Imagine what Hamilton County used to look like. Not just before its small towns grew into vibrant cities with 21st century amenities, and not just before those little towns first sprang up at the confluence of rivers and trading routes. Go back even further, before pioneers cleared the land to build homes and plant crops. Picture the days before those pioneers even arrived. Can’t picture it? That’s OK. You don’t have to. Hamilton County’s Strawtown Koteewi Park gives you a glimpse of what the state’s untouched prairies looked like, how the original forests stood along the banks of the White River, and how Native Americans lived in this area centuries before white men arrived. The kicker? The park gives you surprising and adventurous ways to see that landscape: hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, snow tubing, and even gliding through the canopy on a zipline…

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The Transformation of the Monon Trail

On a nice Saturday, take a seat on one of the big yellow recliners outside Anthony’s Chophouse at the corner of the Monon Trail and Main Street in downtown Carmel, or grab a trail-side table across the way at Bazbeaux Pizza. Then sit back and watch the world go by. You’ll see countless cyclists – from moms and dads pulling kids on tag-a-long bikes to serious pedalers geared up like they’re riding the Tour de France – and innumerable runners. You’ll see parents pushing strollers, couples out for strolls and small groups walking and chatting. On farmer’s market days, the people you see might be carrying baskets of fresh produce, bags of baked goods or bouquets of colorful flowers. In the evening, you’ll see folks gussied up for performances at the Palladium, others heading down to Sun King Spirits for a beverage or a game of outdoor ping pong at Midtown Plaza, and still others simply walking from place to place. You’ll observe seniors, Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, hipsters and everything in between. In short, from your trailside perch, you’ll see all sorts of people finding all sorts of ways to enjoy the strip of urban respite that winds through the heart of Carmel…

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Rollfast Gran Fondo: High-Speed Cycling with a Heartfelt Mission

When hundreds of Lycra-clad cyclists click into their pedals and roll out of Carmel’s Coxhall Gardens for the Rollfast Gran Fondo early on Sept. 15, they’ll know they’re participating in the world’s fastest “gran fondo” bike ride. And they no doubt will be aware that the event has been selected as the Gran Fondo World Tour’s 2019 world championship race.     What they might not know is the story of the couple behind the race, a story that blends an unlikely connection, a shared passion for fitness, a startling tragedy and a desire to make a difference for people facing overwhelming darkness…

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