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Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy is a freelance writer in the greater Indianapolis area. She’s covered the Circle City and Hamilton County food scenes for over seven years and is the author of Hamilton County Food: from Casual Grub to Gastropubs. Having owned and operated restaurants in Chicago, Vermont and northern Indiana for more than 20 years, she’s passionate about good food and service, and a fierce advocate of independently owned restaurants.

Barista Therapy: Local Coffee Shop Opens Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

On March 16, after many months of work, Rachel Priddy’s contractor turned over the finished space for Rose & Lois, her beautiful dream of a coffee shop at 7249 E. 146th Street in Carmel. As soon as she got her certificate of occupancy, she would be ready to welcome customers into her new space. She excitedly sent an email to her new staff… it was “go time!” Less than an hour later, Governor Holcomb declared restaurants had to close their doors to all but carry-out customers. Shortly thereafter, Priddy was sending a very different email to her staff. There would be no grand opening party. But open, they would…

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