Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary season came to a close last Saturday night, and what a marvelous season it was! Each year, the outdoor amphitheater brings thousands of visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana to experience internationally known recording artists. And after 25 years of doing just that, this season was certainly one of the best yet!

Fellow blogger Carrie brought us some great memories and facts about the venue in her Twenty-Five Years of History post. I myself remember the days of Klipsch Music Center being called Deer Creek, but had no idea that Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett held their wedding reception at the venue in 1993! I did however have my first concert experience at the venue. Yes, it was the Backstreet Boys. No, I am not ashamed to admit it!

I was fortunate enough to also be able to read the memories of many others during the Klipsch Postcard contest that the Hamilton County CVB held this summer. Participants were encouraged to build a custom postcard with an image of the venue and include their favorite memory of attending a show there. (You can still build one with even more options here.)  Winners were treated to a VIP experience at one of the popular Dave Matthews shows!

Here are some of my favorite entries from the postcard contest:
I live near the theatre and when they first opened a few neighbors were upset. To be a 'good neighbor', Deer Creek would put free tix in our mailbox the afternoon of the show (if it hadn't sold out). My favorite was Diana Ross-she kept changing outfits and it reminded me of a Barbie doll. THANKS for the memories! -Deb

My favorite Deer Creek/Verizon/Klipsch memory is from a couple of years ago when I saw Eric Clapton. There was a storm rolling in for most of the show and it was almost like his guitar playing was choreographed with the thunder and lightning surrounding us. Absolutely amazing. The skies opened up great big fat drops of rain on our way out to the car, but it was so warm it didn't matter. -Haley

My favorite concert memory dates back to Deer Creek days when I was in college and my boyfriend Dan and I traveled from Terre Haute to Noblesville in my Chevy Chevette to see Elton John in concert. Unfortunately, my Chevette broke down on I-69 and we were sure we'd miss the show. Instead, some kind-hearted, fellow concert goers picked us up and got us to the show on time. They even had connections that allowed us to access the Green Room so we could chill out before the opening act. Thanks to AAA, my car was towed and all was handled AFTER a great show! -Sharon

While jealous that I couldn't win, I was able to attend a show during Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary this year. I grabbed a blanket, my Indiana boy, and set out for a great night on the lawn at the Tom Petty show. It was the perfect summer night and Petty rocked! He did play the famed "Last Night with Mary Jane" and not one person in the audience missed singing along to the lines referencing Indiana.

Blogger Carrie was also able to make it to a show this summer. She took the tailgating approach when attending the Zac Brown Band show and enjoyed time with friends prior to the concert. You can read about her whole experience in her post. 

Were you able to make it to a concert during Klipsch Music Center's 25th Anniversary? Share your stories and memories with us!