Part of (ok, most of) the fun of traveling is trying new restaurants. Here in Hamilton County, we have a long lineup of bold tastemakers changing the local dining landscape. If you've never tried a traditional Moroccan breakfast dish, pirate/barbeque fusion or coffeecake with its own Twitter handle, you're going to like what Hamilton County has on the menu.

5 "must try" dishes await your order.

Shakshuka 1. Shakshuka - Eggshell Bistro

It's rich. It's tomato-y. It's spicy. And it's...for breakfast? Eggshell Bistro in Carmel City Center shakes up the status quo with a menu of globallyinspired brunch items, including the Moroccan shakshuka. Food and Wine Magazine agrees that this dish is as pretty as it is tasty. 

Big Hoffas

Back in the day, pirates used a meat preparation technique known as "barbacoa" to feed their crews. Today, Big Hoffa's infuses their fall-off-the-bone barbecue with pirate culture. The Marley, a pulled chicken sandwich topped with homemade Caribbean white barbecue sauce and spicy habanero coleslaw, is a treasure trove of spicy and sweet flavor profiles. Taste why Honest Cooking calls Big Hoffa's one of the best in the Midwest
Coffee cake  3. Coffeecake - The Roost, Sahm's Restaurant and Bar

The denser-than-it-looks coffeecake has been a favorite with locals for decades. The powdered sugar topping and crunchy walnut center are perfect additions to the ever-moist cake. Around Christmastime, the Sahm's restaurant network receives more than 30,000 orders from all over the continental United States.
 Corn Creme Brulee  4. Corn Crème Brulee - divvy

If there's one dish on divvy's 100+ item menu to try, it's the corn crème brulee. Sink a spoon through the blow torched, caramelized crust into the creamy concoction of corn with Romano cheese, sea salt and a hint of jalapeno and prepare for a trip to flavor town. Insider tip: order a basket of grilled rustic bread to turn the corn crème brulee into a dip!
5. Tortellini Matteo - Matteo's Ristorante Italiano

Taste the authentic flavors of Matteo DiRosa's hometown of Salerno, Italy in every bite of this decadent dish. Ricotta cheese stuffed tortellini in a cream sauce pair perfectly with ham, mushrooms, onion and Parmesan cheese. Homemade bread is an added bonus to the meal!