Oct. 29 is National Cat Day, but it's celebrated every day in Pirate Cat's world. Who is this orange feline, you ask? Why, he's a local celebrity that frequents the Monon Trail and 96th Street trailhead, napping in the sun and posing for selfies with runners and walkers who stop to pet him. {Fear not, his humans live in a nearby neighborhood that he returns to every few days}.

We managed to track Pirate Cat down to ask him a few questions about his namesake, his unofficial role in the community and more.

1. How did you get the name Pirate Cat?

Avast, ye hearties! I’m a surly old salt who prefers sailing the high seas to settling into a port. In the beginning, me favorite roost on me humans was the crows nest (the shoulder) so I could see me surroundings. They likened me to a parrot, which I argued against and showed them I’m a true Pirate!

2. What are your primary responsibilities as Mayor of the Monon Trail?

Although I may seem to be guarding this port, I am really plotting to steal yer booty or board yer vessel!

3. How do you like to spend your free time?

Well, pillaging and plundering of course. Also, drinking rum.

4. On a typical day, where can your adoring fans find you to get a selfie?

The port at 96th Street and the Monon Trail.

5. How do you handle the popularity of being a local celebrity?

Sometimes I give a coy smile, if Ye give me rum or doubloons. But if I’m sleeping off the grog, I may give ye a good swat! Bother me too much and ye’ll be sleeping with the fishes!

You can follow Pirate Cat's daily swashbuckling adventures on his Facebook page.

Header photo by Instagram user kelseykat4.