The end of May also marked the end of a 40-year career for one of my high school teachers who was very near and dear to me and many other students, past and present. For a final tribute to Mr. Hitchcock, another teacher coordinated a surprise get-together at Noble Coffee & Tea in downtown Noblesville. It was the perfect place. The coffee, the tea, the space, the atmosphere they were all just right. The folks there were nice enough to allow a group of nostalgic coffee-lovers to take over their space, streamers, balloons, photo slideshow and all. Armed with our libations, we camped-out in their front living room (off 9th St., with a view of the Courthouse out the front windows). This cozy and quaint room is full of overstuffed armchairs, leather couches, and plenty of tables. No worries about finding a seat (a problem that I always seem to have at Starbucks). On the walls there are various pieces of artwork, many from local artists. At the back of the room, the space narrows to a kitchenette area and then opens up to the coffee bar, with a door that leads to Logan St. and more seating outside. Here you can browse the menu (their coffee is fantastic, but I'm also a fan of the cinnamon chai tea, hot or cold) and admire the coffee-related displays. With it's comfortable seating, cozy atmosphere, and great service, it's no wonder that Noble Coffee & Tea plays host to a variety of visitors. From businessmen to bible studies, first dates to retirement parties, Noble Coffee & Tea has something to offer for everyone.