Our PR Intern, Marisa, is in Hamilton County, Indiana from out of town - so I always love hearing about her experiences. She recently discovered, and love, Big Hoffa's BBQ in Westfield - read below for her "ChowTown" experience:

This week marks another great find for food in Hamilton County. Growing up with finger-licking good ribs was normal in my childhood, so when I had the first savory bite of slow cooked pork, I was instantly hooked. This past week, I enjoyed a delicious Bar-B-Que pulled pork sandwich at Big Hoffa's, where every bite is a great bite.  I couldn't agree more. Even though Big Hoffa's is pretty new in the game, opening in 2003, that still makes them a matched competitor to other Bar-B-Que grillers. My meal was indulged in their famous pulled pork sandwich, home-style coleslaw, and creamy and delicious Mac-n-cheese. I even saw a couple dining on some delicious smoked pork ribs, just falling off the bone! Big Hoffa's ribs are smoked for over 12 hours, the beef brisket is smoked for over 30 and the pork is smoked 25 hours! Know wonder great things come to those who wait. The atmosphere is very comfortable and homey. Diving right into my pulled pork sandwich was an action I wasn't going to be shy about. After using every napkin in site, I knew that Big Hoffa's is one for the best Bar-B-Que in town. I would definitely recommend this place to any lover of great Bar-B-Que. Two thumbs up! Singing off, Intern Marisa