Keeping with the spirit of the season, we asked Nicole Kobrowki, who co-founded, Inc., Indiana's only book press dedicated to the paranormal, for a few of her favorite Hamilton County, Indiana, ghost stories. A few days before Halloween, Nicole shares a spooky tale of a rainy night and laughing children. I love speaking with all sorts of people and enjoy friendly banter. A man used to tease me unmercifully about believing in ghosts. One evening I said, "Tell me you've never had an experience you couldn't explain away." He reluctantly stated, "Well, there was this one time." A bad storm swept through one night when he and his father were alone. Both heard children out in the weather. They went outside and searched for the kids but couldn't find any. Later, they heard what sounded like children in the attic, running and giggling. The father and son made their way to the attic door. The children laughed and ran more loudly. When the pair opened the attic door, they found open trunks, footprints in the dust and items strewn about the space. But no children. After a search, the men shook their heads and left. By this time, the wind was blowing and the lightening lit up the sky. The house suddenly went dark. And they heard the children again. The pair ascended the stairs, candles in hand. Again, they heard the children playing, as if they were in the next room. When they opened the attic door this time, they felt the breath knocked out of them by what they saw. The dust was thick and undisturbed. Trunks were closed and what items were visible were orderly. Stomping down the stairs, his father said, "You can stay up here if you want, but I'm not coming back up here again tonight!"

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