In October, visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana, look for things to do that are a little on the spooky side. To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, we asked Nicole Kobrowki, who co-founded, Inc., Indiana's only book press dedicated to the paranormal, for a few of her favorite Hamilton County ghost stories. Today, Nicole shares a sad legend about some of the County's children. Legends have always fascinated us. Shortly after we moved to Westfield, Indiana, we were told some of the old ghost stories of the area, and one legend in particular stays with me. On Oak Road, just south of 171st Street sits an old pond. People who lived in Westfield for a long time say the pond is over 90 feet deep. At one time, an old rope hung over the pond and a tree still bore several boards, kids must have used to climb to the rope swing. Visitors to the pond at night said that they heard children giggling and whispering. Another visitor said that a white ball of light came out of the pond and dropped down onto the surrounding ground, growing into the shape of a child.

We spoke with the Westfield Washington Historical Society and found out that the pond had been created next to the creek when the streets of the old part of Westfield were paved. The workers got the gravel for the streets in part from this pond. Digging a little deeper, we found that the land had belonged to the Carey family and that from the early 1900s until the early 1970s, several deaths did occur at the location. Children from 6- to 17-years-old drowned in the pond. Still not convinced the deaths were connected to any modern-day hauntings, we began investigating the area. On a day that was clear and still, we did see the rope swing move back and forth as though someone were swinging from it. We also caught pictures of what seems to be children's faces in the water. Michael and I continue to investigate this area from time to time. We believe the children want to be seen as well as heard. And why not? They were only children when they died and who knows, they may be mourning for the life they lost and crave to be around those who still have it.

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