In October, visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana, look for things to do that are a little on the spooky side. To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, we asked Nicole Kobrowki, who co-founded, Inc., Indiana's only book press dedicated to the paranormal, for a few of her favorite Hamilton County ghost stories. Today, we introduce you to Mr. West. One adventure started with the old State Bank of Westfield, Indiana, when a man showed us his desk. It had been decimated and all of his items were on the floor. Upon talking to the rest of the staff, I found out that they had all seen a man with bib overalls staring at them from the stairs. The thermostat had also been turned up to 90 degrees on many occasions.

Michael and I asked around about what went on at the bank in the past. When we mentioned that a man in bib overalls was seen often, a member of the historical society said, "That must be ol' Hank West." I asked who he was and I was told Hank was the unofficial night watchman of the bank. Frank "Hank" West was far more than just that. He also was one of the children of the Orphan Train, a veteran, a volunteer fireman, and the Town Marshall for a time. I took three pictures of men in bib overalls, including Hank, to the business and asked each staff member if they recognized any of the men. They all chose Hank. Later, as we talked about Hank at a historical society meeting, a woman mentioned he used to upset his landlord often because he'd turn up the thermostat so high and make her heating bill soar! Seems like Old Hank was still keeping watch over the bank! But that wasn't the end; other tenants in the building have also had issues. One has seen the ghost of a little boy. Another spirit to track down? You bet!

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