With only a few days until Halloween, Indiana weekends are being filled with hayrides and ghost stories. Keeping with the spirit of the season, we asked Nicole Kobrowki, who co-founded Unseenpress.com, Inc., Indiana's only book press dedicated to the paranormal, for a few of her favorite Hamilton County, Indiana, ghost stories. Today, she takes us on a tour of the Rhodes Hotel. Ghost activity has long been a part of Atlanta, Indiana, history. In the 1880s a man came running into town screaming that he'd seen a ghost on the railroad tracks just north of town. Soon, other self-made ghost hunters ran out to see if they could see the ghost too. Soon there were more reports of a milk-white translucent figure of a man with a lantern walking on the tracks toward them!

One of the most interesting locations in Hamilton County is the former Rhodes Hotel. At one time touted as one of the finest hotels in the "Old West," it was the go-to destination for many dignitaries and business people and later well-known public figures who wanted nothing more than a clean bed in a location that offered home cooking and a quiet atmosphere. In more recent times, a former owner reported doors opening and closing on their own, hearing footsteps walk down the stairs and out the front door. He also reported hearing snoring coming from one of the empty upstairs rooms! He really came to believe the home was haunted when he went up the narrow stairs and into what he termed the "upstairs sitting room." It was there, he saw a well-dressed woman come out of the room, turn and nod to him before disappearing down the stairs.

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