It's almost October in Hamilton County, Indiana, and, in anticipation of Halloween, visitors are starting to look for things to do that are on the spooky side. To get everyone in the spirit, we asked Nicole Kobrowki, who co-founded, Inc., Indiana's only book press dedicated to the paranormal, for a few of her favorite Hamilton County ghost stories. For the next few weeks, we will "scare" them with you. When Michael and I began our company, we knew that Hamilton County, Indiana, had to have some haunted gems. We weren't disappointed. One organization we spoke with was the Hamilton County Historical Society, which is housed in the old Sherriff's Residence. This former home not only housed the sheriff and his family, but also many prisoners. The women stayed in the 1880s jail cells in the old part of the house and the men were housed in a slightly later limestone addition.

Many times when it's quiet in this house, one can hear the click of the doors opening and closing, but when inspected, nothing is amiss. Once, one of the volunteers got more than she bargained for. The historical society is responsible for the building's maintenance. Dottie was in the kitchen working on the building. From the side entrance, she heard someone come in. Calling out, Dottie expected to hear someone to speak. Instead, Dottie heard the heavy, measured tread of someone climbing the stairs to the women's cells. She called out again and again she heard silence. Dottie got down off the ladder and went partially up the stairs calling, "Who's there? You aren't allowed to be up there!" Suddenly, the thundering fall of footsteps began again-coming down toward her! Dottie packed her things up saying, "It's all yours," and left for the day.

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