After a fun Saturday working the 2009 US Senior Open, I took time away from the office yesterday. I decided to make the most of my day away and took my little guy, Christopher, out to breakfast. We went to Bub's Cafe in Carmel and nibbled on cinnamon French toast topped with strawberries and bananas. I also had one of the most delicious Chai Lattes ever - just sweet and warm enough to make for a great morning "pick-me-up." The day was nice and the weather was warm, so we sat on the porch. Christopher really enjoyed sitting out there - he got to watch the walkers, runners and bikers go by on the Monon all while filling his tummy. After we were full, we decided to work off the breakfast. I loaded him into his wagon and started to stroll along. Christopher greeted every person that passed us by with an eager "HI!" - a new word he has learned. He would squeal with delight when people would smile and wave back to him. Finally, he wanted to roam on his own, so I let him out of the wagon. He walked... and walked.... and walked... He was in heaven with the trees, animals, people. It was such a fun way to spend the day - a great breakfast, a shaded walk and perfect weather - I highly recommend it.