Last night, the Center for the Performing Arts opened the doors to the Palladium for the first musical performance ever. Several Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau staff members were lucky enough to sit and listen to the first notes being played in this unique, world class concert hall (those first notes just happened to be played on the French Horn by Carmel's Mayor James Brainard!). Betsy from our office took a moment to fill me in on her experience last evening:

Last night I was able to attend the "First Notes" at the Palladium. Talking about the Palladium is one thing, but the actual experience is entirely another. Having had the opportunity to tour the facility while under construction, it was amazing to see the results of years of planning as this project nears completion. The first time you walk into the concert hall, one cannot help but look upward to the dome, which feels so far away. That said, it still has a very intimate feel and the sound quality is amazing. I also immediately noticed that the warm tones of the colors (peaches, blues, greens...) used in the decor are very soothing. Once I heard the first notes of music being performed in the space, I was able to realize what a gem this facility is going to be. I know the others who were able to hear the "First Notes" will be talking about it and encouraging others to share the experience as well. Now I can't wait for the season to begin! -Betsy E., HCCVB Director of Operations