A new hotel opening up in Hamilton County- how exciting! Several of my coworkers were invited to attend a small site seeing tour of the new Cambria Suites in Noblesville and couldn't wait to go check it out. I had gone through a hard-hat tour of the hotel a few months back, but had not been back to see it since then. They have obviously come along way since I had seen the concrete and dirt and had to imagine walls here, rooms there. When we entered the hotel it was unbelievable! We were instantly greeted by their very hospitable staff that led us around the hotel lobby. They pointed out small but unforgettable amenities; they showed us modern yet homey decor. 

The hotel lobby was laid out perfectly and was very inviting. The front desk is on your right and the seating area to the left, which includes flat screen tv's, a computer and reading area. As you went further into the lobby, still in sight was the dining area. There was a snack cooler for lunchtime, when they don't serve meals. There was a small bar and a breakfast and dinner counter where you can order your meals. We looked at the menu and it was mouth watering. We then took a tour of the rest of the property with Lou Anne Willis, Director of Sales. She proceeded to take us through the meeting space, which is bigger than I anticipated, then to the work-out center and indoor pool. I wanted to jump right in! The equipment is state-of-the-art  can't beat that! She took us out to the patio area, which can be tented and added to the meeting space for small receptions. It was very spacious and she told us of a bonfire pit they were in the works of building. On a nice night, you hang out on the patio, enjoying a glass of wine from the bar and some delicious dinner while warming up to a fire. I wanted to book a room right then and there! That wasn't even the best part we then saw several different rooms. King bed, double bed, two kings in separate rooms across from each other, and a king with a Jacuzzi room (that was my favorite). There were a couple other layouts that we didn't get to tour due to the fact that they were already occupied and in the hotel world, their favorite word is occupied!!! We then went down to the bistro area to snack on some hors douerves and good conversation. This is one top notch Indiana accommodation, which makes us so excited to send our visitors to this new property.