Today our guest blogger is Marisa - an intern brand new to the Bureau. Last week we took a tour of the 8 Great Towns of Hamilton County, and below are Marisa's thoughts on the day: As a new intern at Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau, everyday is different and unforeseen. Dismissing the cliche intern out of the picture that runs and delivers coffee every morning, I am an intern that has a voice and a creative outlet to help Hamilton County's tourism grow. I'd never thought that I would have the privilege of working with an incredible group of professionals so kind-hearted and eagerness to help me on my first week on the job. After my victory dance due to my offer for this position at the end of my spring semester at Purdue, I knew I would try everyday to produce the best work and have an open mind to many things I did not yet know about Public Relations and Marketing. Above all, a private tour of the breathtaking Hamilton County was my favorite this week. After being enticed by Lisa's Pie Shop in Atlanta, my taste buds were satisfied by having a bite of Birthday Cake ice cream at Alexander's on the Square in Noblesville. Growing up in Wisconsin, I am very familiar with a place called "Old World Wisconsin" (an attraction where one goes back in time in the 19th century), and after seeing a very similar attraction at Conner Prairie, I felt like a kid again. The giant helium-filled balloon was massive; but the weather wasn't cooperating, so we couldn't take a ride. I'll have to put taking a ride on the balloon onto my to-do list for the next time I am there. Here is a behind the scenes look at our day out in beautiful Hamilton County: Signing off, Intern Marisa