It was a crisp fall night when my fellow Girl Scouts and I packed into a hay-lined wagon at Conner Prairie. We were warned to hold on to our heads, keep our hands and feet inside the wagon and then we set off into the night. We all held hands and glanced nervously around us in anticipation. Then out of the darkness he appeared, the Headless Horseman on his noble steed! We screamed in terror (probably too much so, I think we spooked the horse) and he followed us until we reached the bridge. We all checked to see if our heads were still attached and sighed with relief, we had made it!

That was a while ago, but I got to relive my childhood memory at the opening night of Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman last Friday! Conner Prairie has changed a lot since my first hayride there, but there is now even more to do and see.

First I took a ride on the 1859 Balloon Voyage as the sun was setting. Being 350+ feet in the air is a scary way to start the evening for some, but I found it quite enjoyable! You could see the Indy skyline, the Noblesville Square, Prairie View Golf Course and more. The balloon offers rides into the evening as well and it eerily glows in the night sky.

Next I explored the town of Conner Scairie. This town has a lot to see and do! Visit the Monster Museum to see artifacts from monsters and tales through the ages. Or visit one of the tents of the townspeople who are vying to become mayor of Conner Scairie to take part in fun activities. I visited Ed Nicksla's tent who happens to be the resident mad scientist of the town. You can see all of the candidates and pick your favorites to vote for here.

Then right after the sun set, I set out to board the hayride to come face to face er... face to faceless with the Headless Horseman once again. Villagers warned me about the dangers and urged me not to go, but I had to see him again! The hayride wound through the woods as the other passengers and I encountered frightful sights along the way. Then I heard the clomping of hooves and the Headless Horseman appeared - AH! We barely escaped his sword and made it to the bridge just in time to make it back into town safely. Surviving such a trip called for a treat, so I ended the evening with a delicious caramel apple from the Apple Store.

Whether you are encountering the Headless Horseman for the first time or reliving your childhood memories, it's definitely an experience you won't want to miss this October in Hamilton County, Indiana!