Guest blogger Karalee Smith returns this week to share her White River Canoe Company adventure. Karalee has been a part of our Visitor Center staff for about four years, and enjoys many outdoor activities in Hamilton County, Indiana. Noblesville, Indiana, is filled with fun things to do like shopping on the downtown square, swimming at Morse Lake and riding the rails with the Indiana Transportation Museum. But last Sunday I got to enjoy the best adventure yet . . . kayaking down the White River. The view from a White River Canoe Company kayak My best friend and I headed to River Road where The White River Canoe Company is stationed. Making reservations in advance saved us a couple of dollars; for our double kayak the voyage was only $26! We chose their most popular trip, the Rusty Oar, that includes a chauffeured ride to our departure at the dam where we put in the river and paddled back to the River Road livery. We were fit for lifejackets, given instructions on how to operate the kayak and lowered into the water. As we paddled downstream, I kept getting lost in the scenery. The river was calm and the blooming trees danced on the reflection. Gliding through the banks I was shocked to see so much wildlife. We heard thumping and turned our heads to see two deer chasing each other. Turtles were camouflaged on each log that peeked from the stream. A blue crane screeched from the tall grass, and we giggled as a fish leaped from the water leaving only a ripple behind. Absorbing the atmosphere, we reached the halfway point quickly. We hoisted the kayak on a bank to enjoy a picnic at Potters Bridge. There were public restrooms, a walking trail, a playground and picnic tables for our leisure. After finishing our lunch, we headed back for the final stretch. The White River Canoe Company offers trips throughout the day from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can choose to travel by canoe or kayak. Pick from the Rusty Oar excursion or a longer trip from the White River Campground. If you are really adventurous, you can try an overnight canoe or kayak excursion! In addition, anyone can enjoy the river by tube from Potters Bridge Park. No matter which you choose, the adventure is always a delight. What outdoor activities have you enjoyed in our 8 Great Towns?