Let us introduce Christine, one of 5 interns who will be helping promote Hamilton County events and programs this summer. As part of her internship, Christine will be going out-and-about and behind-the-scenes to share her observations about Hamilton County, Indiana.

Do you know who was the first person to drink milk in the Indy 500 victory lane? Or how about this; who was the oldest person to ever to win an Indy 500? If you knew the answers to these questions, you did a lot better than most of the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau staff.

The bureau broke into two teams to play a friendly game of Indy 500 trivia after one of our recent staff meetings. The teams were neck and neck the whole game - luckily for the Bureau, the new interns were there to bring some balance to the table!

Competition is something the Bureau knows very well. Recently, the Hamilton County Sports Authority won a bid to host the 2011 National Softball Association "B" World Series Tournament. The tournament is expected to bring in over 18,500 visitors to Hamilton County, July 25-30. Although there will be a lot of visitors, no need to worry about traffic jams! Games will be spread out at locations throughout the county, including Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern and Noblesville High Schools. Some games will be played at Cherry Tree Elementary School in Carmel, too.

Sports! Sports! Sports! That's the motto behind-the-scenes at the Bureau right now - we are so excited about Westfield's new Grand Park scheduled to open in summer 2012. The sports complex will allow the Bureau to seek even more bids on sports-related conventions and tournaments. Of course, there is more than sports in the county. The summer interns are also working on the Nickel Plate Arts Weekend, June 3-5, and other fun Hamilton County events this summer. We're interns, so we're here to gain some valuable, hands-on skills. And from the looks of things, we're going to have a good time while we learn!