The next time you are in Noblesville, Indiana, be sure to stop in the Noblesville Visitors Center. Not only can you get the latest information about things to do in Noblesville and throughout Hamilton County, Indiana, you also will get a visual treat from the Hamilton County Artist Association! This month the center features art by Dorothy Zeiss Young and Emily Young Compton, who are the perfect examples of keeping the arts alive in the family.   
Emily & Dorothy Artist of the Mo. Feb '12

Dorothy Zeiss Young is a Hamilton County native, who graduated from Noblesville High School and studied Art at Indiana University. Dorothy taught Art at Indianapolis Public Schools for 38 years, creating an environment where students were able to appreciate and understand key concepts of art. It was always a pleasure for Dorothy to see some of her students still practicing art as adults both for vocations and avocations.
Dorothy has also studied watercolor with artist Sandy Ezell at the Art Center in Indianapolis.

Dorothy's art was influenced by her father, Richard Zeiss, who was a member of HCAA and had a passion for landscapes while finding beauty in everyday things. Just as she followed the footsteps of her father, Dorothy has passed on her influence of art to her daughter, Emily Compton.

Emily Young Compton is a graduate of Noblesville High School and a lifelong Noblesville resident. She has her degree in Art History with a minor in Studio Art from Indiana University and a degree in Art Education from Herron School of Art. Emily's artistic themes started by exploring nature, history and gender roles. She is the daughter and granddaughter of Noblesville-based artists, Dorothy Zeiss Young and Richard Zeiss.

Some of Emily's earliest memories of painting and drawing are from her grandfather's dining room art studio. Her mother, Dorothy, also influenced her work, introducing her to watercolor and nature.

She now works part-time at VSA Indiana where she teaches young adults with disabilities how to make production pottery and how to make the transition from school to the workplace. In addition to teaching, Emily serves as the director of VSA Indiana's en ROUTE Gallery which hosts monthly gallery shows of our students' artwork. Emily is a mother of two young children, a wife and the owner of an old home that is a work in progress.