Thursday evening was my weekly date night with my boyfriend (we're trying to get out and do things this summer, so these weekly rendezvous will probably be the source of many of these blogs). Rather than the usual dinner and a movie, we decided to tap into our inner children and spend the evening at Ben and Ari's in Fishers. For $10 we played a round of miniature golf. We walked right in, and one of the workers tore herself away from a group of Girl Scouts to get us our clubs and balls. If you're looking to go, I'd recommend a quick game on an evening during the week we were the only ones on the course. There were no lines, no waiting, and no impatient patrons behind us, it was great. Unfortunately, my golf skills weren't so great. Even though the scorecard reflected a game that was quite a bit better than what I actually had, I still lost. Afterwards, we headed into the arcade, where I managed to lose 3 rounds of basketball and 1 game of air hockey (I did manage to win at ski-ball though). When we realized that we had no use for the tickets we'd won, the man behind the prize counter turned our 120 tickets into 150 so we could evenly distribute three vouchers for 50 tickets between the other children in the arcade. What a great thing to do. To finish out the evening we got giant waffle cones at Alexander's in downtown Noblesville (personally, I am a fan of their chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream) and then walked around the square, continuing across the train bridge to Forest Park. We walked through the park, admiring the newly leafy trees along the wooded paths as the sun was setting. It was absolutely gorgeous! All-in-all, I'd say that the night was a success. At any rate, it was definitely a nice change from the standard dinner date.