Today the weather was gorgeous, so several of us from the Hamilton County CVB decided to bike during our lunch hour - who wants to stay inside when you can be riding around on a bike? We arrived at Carmel Cyclery, hopped on the rentable bikes and rode over to the Monon Trail. We quickly zipped around so we were happy that there was shade from the trees to keep us cool.

We rode by all kinds of people - families pushing babies in strollers, Carmel Arts & Design District shoppers, serious runners & bicyclists, lunch breakers waiting for a table outside of Bub's Burgers, dog walkers and even a few of the famous, true-to-life Carmel statues.

It did take us a minute to get used to the Monon Trail Etiquette (which side to stay on, how to pass by the people walking, when to cross through intersections), but everyone seemed to still enjoy us as we rode by on the left while shouting out "Passing on the right!"

All in all, the Trail is just over 15 miles, so there is plenty to explore while getting a good work out. Follow this link for a printable version of all that the Trail has to offer: Monon Map.