bowlerThis Sunday, July 12, Pinheads in Fishers will be hosting their Inaugural bowling festival. What exactly is a bowling festival you might ask? The folks at Pinheads are tagging it as a tribute to league bowlers and the sportier side of bowling. While this does mean that there will be a free tournament for the competitive bowlers (with a $500 first prize), it also means free bowling, free bowling instruction and free food for everyone. Every time I've been to Pinheads, I've been nothing but impressed. The facility is clean, smoke free and I always have a good time whether I'm with my friends or my little brothers. The service is always good, and the food's not bad either. Although bowling with an entire family can be a bit pricy, they do offer plenty of specials like teen nights, group rates, and matinee pricing, as well as weeknight specials Monday through Thursday. The bowling festival takes place from noon to 5 p.m. this Saturday. For more information go to Contact Kevin Walter at with questions or to register for the tournament.