This past Friday, the Sheridan Historical Society hosted an Open House to tour Boxely Cabin - an 1828 log structure that was the refuge of Virginia abolitionist George Boxley, the first white settler in Adams Township. Brenda Bush, from the Sheridan Historical Society, reported back to us on the success (and fun!) of the event:

Circle City Bluegrass Band played in Veterans Park on Friday night and they were great... about 175 people came and 20 families took time to go into Boxley Cabin--they were quite curious about George (Boxley)! The weather was wonderful, people were everywhere on the property--on the hill, on the gazebo lawn and streetside... Eight Hamilton County painters arranged by Pamela Bliss and Larry Kasey have signed up to come to "Arts in the Park" on Saturday, August 22 (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.)... The white-tailed squirrels are now living in the Boxley Cabin foreground--so who knows what will be painted! Larry inspected the park last week and founding it "quite suitable."

Sounds like a great event - we are looking forward to "Arts in the Park. For more information visit the Sheridan Historical Society website: