This past weekend our Sales Manager, Kori Stark, embarked with her fiance for a fun filled afternoon canoeing the White River. Below she recaps the excitement (and tranquility) of their day. Driving up to the White River Canoe Company, my fiance Kevin & I knew we were going to have a great day. We packed a lunch for the ride and as we arrived saw the point at where we were going to END the days' journey. Once given the final safety points, we were sent off into the tranquil and scenic river. We were told it would roughly be a two and a half hour trip if no paddling was done and about two hours if we chose to paddle. Careful not to make any of the mistakes we were told about, we began the journey. At the beginning we simply took in the scenes and within minutes it was obvious that the day was going to be peaceful and relaxing. Just looking at all the gorgeous greenery surrounding the river told us that it was worth the $46 we paid to get on the river. There were times we would paddle just to get our muscles working a little, but mostly we just enjoyed the views and the company. Following a group of 75 we figured we would make our way into at least a few of the boats that may lag and sure enough we did. About 45 minutes in we ran into two boats of people having a great time. It was then we decided on a nearby spot to park the boat and enjoy our homemade lunch. Underneath the shade, which there is plenty of if you need it, we enjoyed the lunch and watched the river slowly roll by. After we were finished eating, we decided to make the rest of the journey without another stop. One nice highlight of the second half of the trip was the covered bridge we went under, right around the halfway mark of the trip. It was smooth sailing after that and about an hour later we made our way right back to where we started nearly three hours earlier. It seemed to be the perfect time and length for such a trip and one that we plan on doing again in the future.