If you're getting tired of dreary cloudy days, Carmel Winter Market may be just the ticket for you. I've been meaning to go, but some home improvement project or another kept me away: until last weekend that is.

I was greeted at the door with a free Carmel City Center tote, but didn't know what else to expect, because, after all, what's growing in February? Turns out I did find some typical produce in bins of apples that were still fresh and wonderful. As I hear more and more about locally produced products and things like food miles, I'm more interested in sourcing food grown and produced here in Central Indiana. Carmel market has several farms that bring chicken, beef and even goat meat. The chicken eggs apparently sell out early. Every stand was quick to tell me "We're all out of eggs!" I bought some wonderful Tie Dye tea at Kei's tea, which brings me to what may be the best thing about Carmel Winter Market. There were free samples of tea, cake, assorted pastries and even some casseroles.

The popularity of the Winter Market has caused them to extend their season through the end of March. You can find them every Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon on the inside of Carmel City Center (near Bike Line). If you're looking for farm fresh eggs, get there early!