This summer, we’ve had an influx of wild and colorful visitors to Hamilton County, Indiana. With the incredible popularity of the smartphone game Pokémon GO, trainers of all ages have been seen walking around with their eyes glued to their phones in search of Pidgey, Squirtle and more to complete their Pokedex. Fret not, because we have no shortage of Pokemon, Pokestops, gyms and more! Here’s our guide of Hamilton County hotspots to visit in your quest to catch ‘em all.

 carmel statue

Nearly a dozen lifelike statues can be found in the Carmel Arts & Design District, created by renowned artist J. Seward Johnson, Jr., dubbed the “Norman Rockwell of American Sculpture.” Go on a scavenger hunt to visit them all and collect Pokeballs, as many are designated Pokestops.

 Silver in the City

Main Street in downtown Carmel is also home to a host of restaurants, galleries and boutiques. Shopkeepers will tip off trainers if a Pokéstop is nearby by placing a sign outside, like Silver in the City (pictured left). If you get hungry, there’s no shortage of places to eat less than a Pokeball throw away, like Bub’s Burger’s & Ice Cream, Bazbeaux Pizza, and more.


A few new patrons have appeared outside the doors of the Center for the Performing Arts. Post a picture of your Pokemon Go adventures on social media using #PalladiumPokemon to enter to win tickets to an upcoming performance!


The Museum of Miniature Houses and Other Collections has more than 600 miniatures, which are the perfect size for a Pokemon residence. The museum serves as a gym where trainers can face off against other players.

 conner prairie

Looks like the Pokemon want to take a trip back to 1836 Prairietown at Conner Prairie! This interactive history park is home to several Pokéstops and a gym. Don’t be surprised if while talking to the blacksmith at the Lenape Indian Camp you find a rare Pokémon. Have fun walking around the 800 acres of trails and villages in Conner Prairie, and maybe even go for a ride in the helium balloon.


There are over 300 miles of trails in Hamilton County, but the Monon Trail and White River Greenway are sure to lead you to excellent Pokémon. These trails connect to many of the spots mentioned above, so grab your bike, longboard or walking shoes and hit the trails.

Want to hunt down Pokemon with fellow enthusiasts? Celebrate First Friday in Historic Noblesville Square with a Pokémon Go gathering from 6-9 p.m. on Aug. 5. With lures dropped every half hour, you’re bound to expand your Pokedex. Capture Pokémon and great deals at places like Lil Bloomers, The Ville Restaurant, Sweet Home Cupcakes and Love’s Hangover Creations.

If you stumble upon a rare Pokemon or find a neat Pokestop, tag us in your adventures on social with @VisitHamiltonCo. Good luck in your quest to catch ‘em all!