One of our readers recently rode the WFMS FairTrain and sent this recap to me - I had to share their fun experience:

Thank you for the recommendation on taking the Fair Train down to the Indiana State Fair! Friday evening, my husband, 20 month old son and I decided to take the 5:45 p.m. train to the fairgrounds. We were running late (as usual) as we pulled into the Fishers Train Station, so at 5:44 we found ourselves running through the parking lot as fast as we could trying not to miss the train. I'm sure we were a sight to see because I was running with my purse, diaper bag and son on my hip alongside my husband who was carrying the stroller.  Luckily a man working the train saw us and waved to let us know they were holding the train. We were happy to finally make it on onboard because my son LOVED it. Every time he would hear the whistle blow he would put his hand up to his ear and make the funniest face. 30 minutes later we arrived at the Fair. We watched the parade as we feasted on the delicious corn dogs, tenderloins, cheese fries and milkshakes. Then we made our way through the barns to see and pet the horses, pigs, goats and sheep. My son was in heaven! Then as the sun was setting we ventured over to the Midway for a ride on the carousel and Ferris wheel. We had planned on leaving around 8 or 9 but we were having so much fun, we waited for the 11 p.m. train back to Fishers. My son was fast asleep before the train started moving! We definitely plan to make the Fair Train a yearly tradition for our growing family.