National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), May 19-25, celebrates the industry’s critical role in powering economies, communities and connections. We’re celebrating in Hamilton County, Indiana by showcasing partners that are doing amazing work in sustainability and stewardship programs. 
Hamilton County Tourism’s Inspire initiatives contribute to the reduction of the social, economic and environmental pressures of traditional tourism through activities that regenerate and provide benefit to our communities, residents and visitors.

Win prizes and learn about unique businesses and attractions that are making a difference in stewardship efforts while participating in the 2024 NTTW Scavenger Hunt.


White River
2024 Inspire - Hamilton County Destination Stewardship Efforts

When visiting Hamilton County (or any destination!), consider these tips for leaving a positive impact:

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee mug and bring your own bags to take purchased items home in to reduce waste!
  2. Opt for local restaurants, shops, and artisans to contribute to the community.
  3. While in your hotel, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, choose eco-friendly accommodations and always reuse linens and towels when possible
  4. When enjoying the great outdoors, look for our boot brush stations to minimize the spread of invasive species and leave no trace of food or beverages consumed while outside.
  5. Walk, bike, or carpool to locations to reduce your carbon footprint.
  6. Volunteer! If volunteering, choose reputable organizations and projects aligned with community needs. (link to Give Back While You Gather)


Here is how you can participate in the fun:

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Clues for the prize locations can be found on Visit Hamilton County’s Facebook and Instagram.
  • Watch daily, May 20-24, to see where #VisitHC prizes will pop up. Prizes will be located in different places all over the county and will show up at different times.
  • Go to the announced prize location to retrieve the prize attached to the pin sign. Only the FIRST participant to find each location will win!
  • Follow the instructions inside the #VisitHC packet and share on Facebook or Instagram that you've found the prize.
  • Enjoy your Hamilton County Prize Pack!


NTTW 2024


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