Our Deputy Director, Karen Radcliff, had a busy weekend! She saw Coldplay perform live at Verizon Wireless in Noblesville, stopped by Westfield for the opening of a mile long extension of the Monon Trail, had a great time at a local restaurant - below she recaps her fun weekend...


What Tuesday lacked in the weather department, this past weekend certainly made up for it with perfect sunny and seventy days and pleasant evenings--ordered up just in time for a jam-packed list of outside events. I found myself at a few.


Friday night's Cold Play concert was one of the best shows I had seen at the outdoor Live Nation amphitheatre.

These guys have talent, plus they know how to play to an audience. Their energetic show spilled out onto two additional stage platforms built near the upper seats and even further out into the lawn area. Those Cold Play fans in the cheap seats were ecstatic! Throughout the show, the band dropped big yellow beach balls onto the crowd when they sang "Yellow" and big spinning balls tethered from the catwalks providing a spherical canvas for laser lights and projected photos. The crew even captured the night's full moon at times and projected it onto the large screens.

On Saturday morning I celebrated with the City of Westfield as they officially opened the first mile of the Monon Trail, a rails to trail linear

park connecting Westfield to Carmel and on to Indianapolis. A new Greyhound Pass trailhead offers parking, signage and restful benches. A

beautiful day of bicycling came next.


Sunday, I found myself cheering on Mine That Bird and jockey Calvin Borel in the Belmont Stakes at Mudsocks Grill in Noblesville. An appropriate place or a horse race, I think, since Mudsocks is named for the muddy hooves horses get, often appearing like brown socks. Calvin couldn't stretch out a win that day, but my burger and cole slaw was definitely blue ribbon. Mudsocks has a great bar area with huge garage doors that open up to let the outdoors in. We lingered as long as we could!


The weather even held out long enough for me to cut the grass Sunday night. I guess after playing so hard, some outside yard work was in order. Next weekend: The Indiana State Senior Games! Hope the weather holds out for track & field. I've got my fingers crossed.