Hello 8 Great Towns Readers, it has been a while! I am still on maternity leave and will be until February 14. In the meantime, I am enjoying my time off with my two-year-old boy and brand new baby girl, Emily, who joined my family on November 21. Despite the excitement of a new baby, Christopher is quickly gets bored with all of the inside the house activities. To change things up and get out of the house, a group of my girlfriends and our kids recently met at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. To be honest, I hadn't thought of visiting the park during winter months. Not because they don't have great activities, but because when I think of Conner Prairie, I think of roaming the grounds, traveling high into the blue sky on the 1859 Balloon Voyage, or listening to music fill the air during Symphony on the Prairie - all warm weather things. But after spending over three hours there, I was pleasantly surprised with the day. We started our visit at the Discovery Station - perfect for children of all ages. Here, kids can play old-fashioned Indiana basketball, dress up in 19th-century attire, play trains and more. The room is open, so it is easy to keep an eye on the excited kids. There are even seated areas for tired parents. Once you leave Discovery Station, you can walk through the indoor exhibits. There is a craft corner where kids can color, make soap, and lend a in weaving a rug. There is another dress up area, a wood working spot and a tractor wheel for the kids to play drive. One tip - during the off season, the Eatery is not open, so pack a lunch if you're planning to be there for a while! All in all, we had a great time during our visit. For information on winter hours and admission, visit www.ConnerPrairie.org. I'll be back in a few weeks!  -Sarah Buckner, Communications Manager