Our groundhog friend Punxsutawney Phil says spring is just around the corner. But after the week of ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures that we've had here in central Indiana, most of us are thinking about how we can get away from it all right now.

If you're looking for a quick getaway, Crop-A-Doodle-Doo in Arcadia, Indiana, might be just the place. They have all the ingredients you need for the perfect girlfriend getaway: relaxing accommodations, good food and a little pampering. Crop-A-Doodle-Doo is more than a bed and breakfast. It is a scrapbookers' paradise, with plenty of space in the activity room for you and your friends to work on your scrapbook projects. Plus, you can spend meal times gathered around the dining room table, enjoying home cooked and catered meals. And if you need a little "me" time, you can make an appointment for a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage. You can visit Crop-A-Doodle-Doo for the day, or sign up for a two-, three- or four-day getaway. Check their schedule for reservations and then get your friends on board. We bet you won't have any trouble at all finding a few friends to join you for this fun winter escape.