In late July, the Hamilton County Sports Authority hosted approximately 4,000 softball players and their families with the National Softball Association Girls Fastpitch "B" World Series. Not only did the nearly 16,000  visitors to our county take in some great softball, they also visited our many attractions and restaurants. Here is just one example of the Hoosier Hospitality that made the tournament special - and makes us proud of our partners across Hamilton County, Indiana.


Jeff Eaton, president and founder of Barley Island Brewing Company, received a call on a Tuesday night from a team that was looking for a place to grab dinner. Even though they were just 20 minutes away from the restaurant and had more than 30 people in their group, Jeff didn't hesitate to invite them to come over to the restaurant. He quickly called in an additional cook and alerted his wait staff. They were able to seat the group in the same area and take all their orders at one time, even though they were on several separate checks. His staff even offered to play requested tunes on the jukebox in the bar for the underage players who couldn't enter to select their songs. Several of the families in the group commented on how well Jeff and his team handled such a large group - especially on a "Kids Eat Free" Tuesday night! To recognize Barley Island Brewing, last week the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau presented Jeff with a special Star Award, along with a Simon gift card and some individual chocolates to distribute to the entire staff. As we told Jeff, his team really displayed Hoosier Hospitality at its best. Where have you experienced Hoosier Hospitality in Hamilton County? Share your stories of great customer service below so we can recognize other great businesses in our county!