Debbie's Daughters

1236 Conner St Suite 100, Noblesville, IN 46060


Interview with owner: Rocky Wals


What inspired you to start this business, and how does it reflect your cultural background or culinary passion?

The Debbie in our namesake is Deborah "Debbie" Downs. You see, Debbie Downs had five daughters (Debbie's Daughters) as well as seven sons. That's right - twelve children! And as these children grew, the family expanded to include many in-laws and grandchildren.

Growing up in their house meant lots of family meals. These large gatherings were a time when everyone could be together, whether they were helping prepare the food, talking with each other, or playing with the cousins in the backyard.

Debbie’s Daughters is a family-owned small batch bakery and cafe combining a love for creating food from scratch and sharing with others. Our baked goods are made using simple, real ingredients, and you immediately can taste the difference. We hope you’ll make us a staple in your weekly meal planning! 


Why did you decide to open your business in Hamilton County?

We love Noblesville! The community here is so supportive, especially of small businesses, and we really wanted Debbie's Daughters to be a neighborhood bakery. Of course, we welcome visitors from outside the neighborhood, but so many of our customers walk to our bakery to pick up their bread for the week or make our little cafe a regular meeting place and we love getting to know all our neighbors!

What have been some of your favorite moments in owning this establishment?

We've loved seeing customers come in over and over, until we learn their favorite menu items and know their order before they even tell us. On the flipside, we also love it when our seasonal menu changes and we get to explain that an item is no longer available because our local farmer can't grow an ingredient here in the winter. It's also been exciting to be a part of some huge events in Noblesville, like the Indiana Peony Festival and Noblesville Main Street First Friday events.


What’s the can’t-miss item on your menu?

Freshly baked bread!


What makes your business different from others?

Our family wants to create food and an experience that makes you feel like you've been invited into our own home. When you enjoy breakfast in our cafe or take home a loaf of freshly baked bread, we hope you feel like you've just visited with friends. 


What’s next for your business?

We plan to continue incorporating new, seasonal menu items that showcase locally grown and raised food and the products of our many partnering businesses. We love being the neighborhood bakery and connecting our neighbors to their community in new ways. Look for a garden tour event, side porch concerts, and of course the farmers market this year!