Today I was reading through the 75 Dishes to Crave article in the June Indianapolis Monthly and found my mouth watering. So many things on the list sound absolutely amazing. After reading #5 on the list I had to muster all of my self-control to NOT drive straight to Matteo's on the Noblesville Square to devour a plate of cream-drenched cheese-stuffed tortellini. YUM! The article also made me think "what are some of the dishes in Hamilton County that I crave?" What about my co-workers? We ARE the self proclaimed experts on all things food in Hamilton County's 8 Great Towns and we have some unique, great local Indiana dining options here so below is a list of 8 Dishes that WE Crave (thank you to Indianapolis Monthly for the great story and the extra 5 pounds I will gain as a result):

1. For me, anything from Happy Hour at Kona Grill is what I crave. At various times throughout the week you can eat sushi, pizzas, tacos and other appetizers at unbelievable prices ($3-$5, and drinks are also discounted). The California Roll is my personal favorite, followed closely by the Margherita Pizza. 14395 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, 566-1400

2. From the Sports Office, TJ shared his favorite dish: love the Pasta Carrabba from Carrabba's. Fettucine Alfredo topped with mushrooms, chicken and peas. So very good! 1235 Keystone Way, Carmel, 575-2200

3. Our Marketing Intern from IU, Danielle, has an iced beverage that she can't get enough of: One of the things I miss most when I'm away at school is Noble Coffee & Tea (pictured). There are plenty of local coffee places in Bloomington, but it is just not the same. I always get an Iced Chai and a cinnamon scone  “ mmmm..." 933 Logan Street, Noblesville, 773-0339

4. On my first day working with the Bureau (over 3 years ago), the staff insisted we go to Nickel Plate for lunch. I ordered last and I quickly noticed a pattern as everyone else rattled off their orders. One by one all of my new co-workers said: Yes, I would like the chicken fingers with an extra side of honey mustard sauce. What was I to do? I, of course, selected the chicken fingers with honey mustard and in my many trips back I have never ordered anything else from there. The chicken fingers are cooked perfectly, just crispy enough, with tender chicken on the inside. The sauce was so sweet and delicious that you know I asked for another cup. I have also heard great things about their pork tenderloin! 8654 E. 116th Street, Fishers, 841-2888.

5. Kelties Beggars Purse made the Indianapolis Monthly list and another item from the restaurant made our list. Our Community & Events Manager, Judy, craves the Chicken Potpie. It has fresh garden vegetables mixed with huge pieces of chicken and a great gravy in this wonderful dish. Another bonus when getting this dish is I can get two meals out of it, because it is far too big to eat in one sitting. 110 S. Union Street, Westfield, 867-3525

6. Our Executive Director, Brenda, is a foodie. So I knew that when I asked her what she craves, she would mention a few great things here is just one of them: The chicken Caesar salad from Woody's, it has the dried cranberries in it. I like it as a wrap or a salad and you can get it both ways. 40 East Main Street, Carmel, 573-4444

7. I had my first experience with Big Hoffa's last summer at a work celebration (we eat a LOT). Let me tell you that from the first bite I could tell that I was eating some of the best barbeque I would ever sink my teeth into. Before I could stop myself, I had eaten 2 large sandwiches. Hmm, I just realized I haven't been there in a while, maybe I should stop in. 800 E. Main Street, Westfield, 867-0077

8. On a hot summer day, nothing is better than stopping in at Alexander's on the Water for a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. Alexander's sits near beautiful Morse Reservoir, so they offer spectacular views along with a variety of hand dipped ice cream flavors. 369 W. Jackson Street, Cicero, 984-8173

We will definitely be back with another round of Dishes WE Crave the list was getting so long that I had to stop taking suggestions (although, please expect another list of 8 very soon)! What dishes do YOU crave?