Thursday was intern Christine Beyer's last day at the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. In a few weeks she will return to Indiana University with a regional magazine byline and several great blog posts (like this and this and this) in her portfolio. Here is her "farewell" post for the 8 Great Towns blog.

Last winter I attended the Indiana University HPER Job Fair for the sole purpose of meeting with the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. To my disappointment, there was record-breaking ice storm that prevented most perspective employers from attending the fair. So instead of the great meeting I had planned, I stuffed my hopeful resume in a manila envelope along with dozens of other students and mailed it to the Bureau. Luckily, they called me! And that hopeful resume led me to what has been a very fulfilling summer learning experience. I've spent the last three months as the Public Relations and Marketing Intern at the Bureau. I've been published in a regional magazine. I had the chance to visit dozens of the county's attractions. I've learned so much about how to work in an office, but the best part was working with the staff here at the Bureau. I experienced first-hand what its like to be apart of a "work family." Everyone on the Bureau staff wants you to succeed and are always there to help guide you. The Bureau even set up three brown bag seminars for all of the interns where we all enjoyed lunch and networking with several great leaders in the community. This truly has been a summer to remember with so many learning experiences and laughs. I will forever remember the days of drooling over Tenderloin Tuesday photos and eating way too many pretzels! I honestly can't believe this summer is almost over. This might be my 8 Great Towns farewell blog, but it definitely will not be my final farewell. I've had an unbelievable summer internship and look forward to keeping in touch with everyone at the Bureau and across Hamilton County, Indiana.