As anticipation builds for the total solar eclipse set to grace Hamilton County, Indiana, souvenir hunters are eager to commemorate this rare celestial event. From specialty shops to local artisans, the area is abuzz with unique offerings tailored to eclipse enthusiasts. Visitors can find an array of memorabilia capturing the essence of this momentous occasion, ranging from eclipse-themed t-shirts adorned with whimsical designs to intricately crafted keepsakes featuring the celestial alignment itself.


Eclipse Souvenir Gift Guide

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Jewelry: Quarter Moon

A necklace handcrafted in argenteum sliver by Carmel metalsmith Jill Dunn. A peridot adds color and interest.

Book: A Few Beautiful Minutes

Local book shop with a nice variety of eclipse options, just in time for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!

Total Solar Eclipse T-Shirt

Long sleeve white t-shirts with eclipse logo on front & Kits & Kaboodle on back. adult and children's sizes available. $29.99

Total Eclipse Coffee Beans

The Total Eclipse blend is a dark roast bean with a full body and notes of blueberries and citrus, with balanced acidity.

Solar Eclipse Ornament

Noblesville potter Carol Bell creates a lasting memory of the astronomic event in a 4-inch Indiana-shaped clay ornament.

Jewelry: Transition

The golden sun peeks out from behind the dark full moon in this necklace, while silver flames jump from beneath the moon.

Artwork: Radiance

Nancy Keating of Carmel creates a sunny piece in glass that will make any spot sparkle. Framed to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.

Artwork: Sundown

Tempered glass, dyed grout and a painted background create an eye-catching piece of wall art. Artist: Nancy Keating

Artwork: Corona

Eye-popping glass mosaic souvenir of the eclipse. Artist: Nancy Keating

Artwork: The Shadow

An all-knowing owl keeps a keen eye on the eclipse in this fun 12x12 watercolor. Artist: Joni Walker


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