Last Friday was one of the first mild and sunny days that we've seen in months making it the perfect day to check out Conner Prairie's latest addition, the Nature Walk. The new walk opened just the day before, but it was already ready for nature explorers of all ages!

The interactive history park sits on about 800 acres of land, only 200 of which were accessible until the walk was built. With this new access, visitors are able to experience not only the natural beauty of the land, but also see how history has affected it. And when you think about it, land is our largest historic artifact to study. You can tell how people of the past used the land just by looking at it! Along the path there are several signs that point out the plant and natural life as well as the history of the land itself.

The Nature Walk gravel path winds down (and back up!) a hill that overlooks the White River then straightens out at the bottom so walkers can view the park's namesake feature- the prairie. At the end of the path there's an observation deck with signs that help identify different plants. The prairie may seem a tad lackluster now, but as the seasons change you'll be able to see the life cycle of native plants that have been painstakingly restored to the area.

The Nature Walk is a great way for little explorers to discover the beauty that's practically in their own backyard. And honestly, while on the walk I forgot I was only miles from a major city! It's the perfect way for visitors to take a little side adventure while visiting Conner Prairie to discover the attraction's natural wonders. You can go check out the Nature Walk for yourself during Conner Prairie's spring break hours!