Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

"Look but don't touch!" Not in this museum. Step back in the 1800's and experience the lifestyle without i-Phones, cars or electricity at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. To gain a full experience of how it was to live back then, almost every activity at the museum is hands on. You can help churn butter for the kitchen or how about sweeping the front porch of the store in exchange for buttons or seeds? At Conner Prairie you can trade and barter for supplies. Also you can pet the your favorite farm animals as they roam the field.

There are five themed historic areas to discover: Lenape Camp, Conner Homestead, 1836 Prairietown, 1859 Balloon Voyage and Civil War Journey; each place has a mix of history and fun! At the Lenape Camp you encounter the dance and songs of the Delaware and Lenape Indians. While you are at the camp, you can learn how to properly pack a horse with traded goods. The Conner Homestead is filled with rich Indiana history as well as learning a new skill of dipping a candle. Roaming Prairietown you can interact with the townspeople of the 1800's and they will offer labor for goods. Explore the one of the earliest transportation inventions, the 1859 Balloon Voyage. You can ride the balloon that stretches 350 feet in the air and enjoy the view of the entire museum. Now remember learn, explore and touch everything!

Indiana Transportation Museum

All Aboard! Take a day to explore the mass machinery that once operated as the primary transportation in Indiana. The museum is filled with about 100 pieces of historic train equipment. You are welcome to tour the stationed train cars or hop on an operating one. The Indiana Transportation Museum offers a variety of train rides: express trips, longer rides or special event trains. A special event train ride that is coming up is the Fair Train, which takes you from the Fishers Train Station and drops you off at the Indiana State Fair. The Fair Train runs multiple times a day and only costs $6.00 for children age 2-12!