Yesterday I had a great opportunity to take in the some of the sites in Noblesville while doing some research and promotion for the Nickel Plate Arts Trail. Not being a Hamilton County native, I've learned quite a lot just from driving around the county. But yesterday I was given the opportunity to feed both my mind and my stomach. Doing research can work up an appetite, so some ladies from the office and I stopped for lunch at The Hamilton Restaurant located just off the square in Noblesville. The atmosphere was quite a nice mix of elegant and casual and most everything on the menu sounded delicious. After a long debate I decided on the chef salad and others in the group chose salads as well. When my plate arrived I knew I had made the right decision. The salad was piled high with turkey, ham, hard-boiled egg, and tons of fresh veggies. All it needed was a dose of good old ranch dressing, and I was set! After a satisfying lunch, my research partner and I headed out to the shops around the square. First we stopped in the Anthony J. Padgett Gallery and met Anthony himself. It was a great shop and I happened to notice that there was even a painting in progress on a drafting table near the window. It's fun to look at art, but it's even better when you can witness it being created! Next we headed over to the Logan Village Mall, which housed a vast maze of collectibles. I could have spent all day uncovering treasures, but alas we had to continue. The next stop was Eleanor Rozella's.  The staff was extremely friendly and only added to atmosphere filled with fun displays of varied items. At this point I was beginning to think that while my lunch was very good, I needed something more. Yes, something delicious and decadent to fill the needs of my sweet tooth was definitely in order. Thank goodness for Alexander's On the Square! There I found one of the best flavors of ice cream that I have ever encountered in my lifetime: buckeye ice cream. The ice cream had a light peanut butter flavor, ribbons of chocolate, and tiny peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies. It was the perfect ending to a research-filled day in Noblesville!