The Fishers Flag Crawl is an initiative created by two central Indiana professional firefighters, Scott Carr and Rob Demlow, who have over 40 years of combined service. Their goal is to showcase their patriotic artwork made from retired fire hose and other items used in their profession, which would otherwise end up in a landfill. Here's how you can participate in the Fishers Flag Crawl and potentially receive a free Brotherhood Designs #FishersFlagCrawl T-shirt:

1. Find Three Flags

Explore Fishers, Indiana, and locate three of the six Brotherhood Designs, LLC retired fire hose flags displayed around the city. Locations are also plotted on the map below.

  1. Ale Emporium
  2. FoxGardin Family Kitchen
  3. High Frequency Arts at Hub & Spoke
  4. King Jugg Brewery / Room Service on Wheels (RSOW)
  5. Parks Place Pub
  6. White's Ace Hardware

2. Share Your Pictures

Take pictures of the flags you find and post them on your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Ensure that your post is set to PUBLIC so that it can be seen by others. If you prefer not to post on social media, you can email your pictures to to verify your completion of the Crawl.

3. Tag Relevant Accounts

In your social media post, make sure to tag @Brotherhood Designs, LLC. Additionally, tag at least three of the venues where the flags are displayed. These venues include @AleEmporiumFishers, @FoxGardinFamily, @ParksPlacePub, @WhitesAceHardwareatFishers, @Hub&Spoke, and @RoomServiceOnWheels.

4. Use Hashtag

Include the hashtag #FishersFlagCrawl in your post.

5. Receive Your Free T-shirt

If you successfully complete all the steps above, you will receive a free Brotherhood Designs #FishersFlagCrawl T-shirt. You can enter your contact information using this LINK. If you encounter any issues during the process, such as venues being closed for an event, you can leave a comment on the contact information form explaining the issue.

It's important to note that Brotherhood Designs, LLC is not affiliated with or paid by the venues mentioned in the crawl. These venues are simply displaying the patriotic artwork, and the crawl aims to bring awareness to them. Also, participants should be aware that Brotherhood Designs, LLC is not responsible for any costs or injuries incurred during the #FishersFlagCrawl.