Last summer, Kori from our office took a Saturday to canoe down the White River and after reading her recap of the day, I thought a day like that would be a memorable adventure for our Visitor Center Staff Members. August in Indiana can bring the hot temperatures and high humidity. To beat this late summer heat, the Hamilton County visitors center staffers took an afternoon to relax and cruise down the White River. We started our day at The White River Canoe Company in Noblesville. They offer canoeing, kayaking and tubing- and after a summer of working hard we chose the tubes.  With tubes, we were able to sit back and relax without a care in the world (we even had an extra tube just for our cooler of food & drinks!). The canoe company took us on a short drive to Potter's Bridge, also in Noblesville, where we began our water journey. Since the temps were high, we quickly jumped into the river and floated the afternoon away. Between the sunshine, cool water and snacks we had a blast on our 4 hour-long journey (this is not the typical time it takes to tube the river normal trips last 2-3 hours, we just really took our time). Gently floating down the calm, scenic river was the perfect cure to a busy summer  so much so that the group decided this needs to be an annual end of summer tradition! For more information on the fun water trips in Hamilton County, visit the White River Canoe Company online. -Sara Slavens, Visitor Services Coordinator