A place is known by its public spaces: the sidewalks, crosswalks and “let’s go for a” walks. During these free-of-charge out-and-abouts, art on an out-of-the-ordinary canvas creates a sense of place. If art imitates life (thank you, Oscar Wilde), does place initiate art?

For a crash course on public art, I turned to Americans for the Arts. “Public art is often site-specific,” their Public Art 101 page told me. “It is created in response to the place and community in which it resides.”

With this definition in mind, I set out to find the best art you can see from a sidewalk in Hamilton County. Here is what I found.

Mural girl

Gabriel Lehman Teapot Mural – Noblesville
High on the 1910 building in downtown Noblesville, a little girl sits with a cloud-making teapot. Local artist Gabriel Lehman showcases his whimsical style in the mural inspired by the building owner’s baby daughter, Olive. Now “Olive and Her Amazing Cloud Machine” is a prime place marker for Noblesville.


Hydrophopic designs – Fishers
Sometimes the art is the sidewalk, as is the case at the Fishers’ Liberty Plaza in the Nickel Plate District. This version of public art demonstrates the fact that rainy days can be good days too – as the designs are only visible when the sidewalks are wet. The artist used paint similar to deck sealant to repel water droplets, creating an effect that has walkers admiring what lies just under their feet.

Cigar mural

Henry George 5 cent cigars – Sheridan
“Ad today, art tomorrow,” should be the slogan for the vintage mural on Main Street in northern Hamilton County’s small town of Sheridan. The mural was recreated from an older image, most likely from the 1930s, as cigars sold for 5 cents around the time of the Great Depression.

Carmel mural

Geometric Shapes - Carmel Arts and Design District
You don’t have to be a pro to make art. Two recent Carmel High School graduates designed the mural, featuring a vibrant geometric pattern on the west side of Carmel Tattoo INK, and about 30 current students chipped in to paint it. The mural is now a perfect backdrop for selfies and portraits.

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