The construction at The Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing is mostly finished, with the opening of the Fashion Café on Thursday last week. The Café replaces the food court that was in the bridge connecting the two sections of the Fashion Mall. The Café is located on the west side of that bridge and it's not really like any other mall dining experience I've seen in Central Indiana. For starters, the entire south wall is now glass with some louvers to let in plenty of light without creating a heat sink in the summer months. The center of the Café is highlighted with a  style skylight. There's also an outdoor dining area on the south wall that can be partially warmed with a line of gas lights that's as pretty as it is practical. The light open area is filled with seating including benches with upholstery in shades of cranberry, and chairs made in a while filigree pattern that creates an airy look to complement all that light.

The eateries that opened this week are all new to Indiana and include: Pinkberry, a yogurt store with flavors for the season including gingerbread; Freshii, serving burritos, wraps, salads and even satay and cups with your fruit and veggies for the day; and Elevation Burger with organic, grass-fed, free range beef burgers and French fries cooked in olive oil. The prices for all of the food looked reasonable and I can't wait to go back to bite into one of those burgers or wraps!

At least three more offerings are planned for the Fashion Café in the coming months. This will be enough to tide us over through the holiday shopping season and I'm excited to see what comes next!